Mellom Skogkledde Aaser

This CD is the first "real" album by this Norwegian band, because their previous recordings were just a self-titled promo tape released back in 1995 (limited o 250 copies and sold-out very quickly) and the famous "Kampfar" MCD out on the same year. Both of them were really promising, so it was no surprise to discover with this LP a pure masterpiece of Norwegian and Pagan Black Metal. The word is appropriate, as KAMPFAR manages in my sense to make the best miux between pure Norwegian Black Metal as it used to be done in the mid '90s by some gods (GORGOROTH, SATYRICON, DARKTHRONE...) with the pagan spirit of the Polish scene. I can't tell you if these guys (obviously they are 2 musicians on this CD) really took inspiration from the Polish scene or not, but I consider this CD as one of the best Pagan Black metal releases ever done. So, no need to be more precise : this is not far from being a perfection, it deserves the name of True Pagan Norwegian Black Metal !

9.5 / 10

2003 lord pesten