Zyklon B
Blood Must Be Shed

Despite the horrible sound of this release, it's a masterpiece of Norwegian fast Black metal. ZYKLON B was a kind of "super-elite" band with Ihsahn & Samoth from EMPEROR, Frost from SATYRICON, Aldrahn from DODHEIMSGARD. Many guitar parts will remind you of the EMPEROR CD "Anthems..." taht will be recorded 1 year later whereas Aldrahn's voice remains the same characteristic Black Metal "whispered and screamed" voice and Frost drums parts are totally incredible ! They're so fast and accurate... really impressive guy. So this is too bad the sound of this release seems "distant", totally under-produced. Because these 3 songs are apoclyptic black metal anthems dedicated to the rawest part of the style. Two tracks were ritten by the members, who took inspiration from actual quotations by serial killers and mass-murderers whereas "Bloodsoil" was written by Bard "Faust" Eithun. This is really a qualitative Norwegian BM release, worthy enough to pay a high price for the 11' of music it contains. Nowadays, this MCD has become a collector item as Malicious recs. and the band are now defunct... There is one thing you could laugh at with this MCD : take a look at this sentence taken from the booklet : "ZYKLON B is not to be linked to any kind of racial or political preferance"... Come on guys, be serious...

9.5 / 10

2003 lord pesten