War Metal. Scenes of flaming tanks and images of grotesque corpses in their death throes chained mercilessly to the bloody chaos of a massive wall of black metallish noise. Violence. The aural equivalent of man versus technology - Armageddon.

In the case of Cobalt though, the battle has been twisted, perverted into something altogether different. Supposedly there are reasons for war: power, revenge, conquest. For Cobalt there is no reason, only violence. Purpose? Violence. The end? Violence. The justification? Violence. The means? Violence. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Corroding screams and shearing mechanical vocals proclaim vengeance through a fiberglass choked chords of cobalt. Any remnants of weak human emotion input that might remain are surgically stripped from the 4 tracks here by unknown means, leaving nothing but raw, obscure intonations of ultrasonic violence. This whole vocal onslaught is carried upon waves of cold organic rhythms of machine precision from the drums, and the purest of black metal guitarwork; grim, thin and cutting like a carbide tipped blade at 50,000 RPM. Somehow all of these elements mesh flawlessly into the songs, creating some sort of biomechanical machine that is perpetually redlining in annihilation mode. Slow, fast, no difference. The end result is the same. Extreme violence. Does it justify the means? Fucking Rights!!!!!

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2003 grymyrk