A short 3 song burst (plus 2 bonus tracks from the album Ergriffenheit) from one of Vinland's best known NSBM hordes that is well worth the time to track down. Miltaristic beats and an alien/pagan guitar sound unlike any other band sets this apart from the typical substandard fare from the masses of NSBM overnight wannabes. Like those elite few other Aryan black metal bands, Grom, Gontyna Kry, HakenKreuzZug, Nokturnal Mortem, Graveland, Capricornus, Sunwheel and Temnozor, Pantheon carves a niche all their own with distinctive high/low riffs, structural arrangements, warm full production values, and non-typical black metal vocals that all work together and create a great entity of majesty and might. The three songs contained: "Pflicherfullung", "Wotanic Star", and "Vautrin's Sang Pt.2" all show the strengths of this band in full. Epic viking/celtic rhythm patterns are buttressed by memorable high pitched guitar/low end bass riffing in "Pflicherfullung" and Vautrin's Sang Pt.2" that inspire the spirit and show the way for those to follow their elite Aryan path. A great little release.


© 2003 grymyrk