Operation Winter Mist
Winter Warfare
[Iron Coffin]

The Arctic Legions have swept down from the hinterlands of the true north once more, unleashing their killer resurrection of old school black metal upon the cowering populace. The ghosts of early Burzum, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth and Mayhem are present fully as this release unfolds in a grim massacre of carnage and grimness. What need is there for speed, when the naturally measured advance carries the full weight of the frostbitten force presented to maximum effect. The feel of the riff structures is straight out of the early 90's, but are in no way a rip off of any of the mentioned bands, being soley and completely in the style of Operation Winter Mist themselves. The 3 songs on this release are 663 too few, as I could (and do) listen to this band endlessly. A split with Kult Ov Azazel and Decieverion is planned, as well as a full length soon, and I cannot wait!

contact: owm_contact@ark11.net

2003 grymyrk