Christos Beest
Order Of The Nine Angles (Self Immolation Rite)

All roads that lead here are scattered with corpses...

So starts the Self Immolation Rite. Performed by Christos Beest during his tenure as spokesperson for the Order of The Nine Angles (ONA), this is both a story told and a ritual that unfolds. Set to ambient music performed to the highest standard, and accentuated at very key points by distraught screams and powerful surges, this is stratospheres beyond such other recorded 'satanic' rituals such as Anton Lavey's Black Mass, where the cheesy organs and obvious attempts at sinister behavior are laughable and contrived. Not so with Christos Beest. Acoustic guitars, synths, drums, and samples are used to accentuate the calmness, the strength, the force of will of the spoken words. But they are only accents, and not the true essence of this recording. The words are spoken in a slight english, learned accent, and the level and emphasis of the words and rituals are manipulated to perfect effect by Beest's vocal ministrations. Sinister power emanates from each word spoken, his voice neither condescending, nor haughty, but rather as if he were telling a story to a university philosophy class of wide eyed children. His vocal moods change, from mournful, to triumphant, to commanding, to narrative masterfully. The steps of this Self Immolation Rite are detailed, but that ritual is not the main focus of this recording. Nor from my research, is the ONA focused solely upon ritual and image. Symbolism and inference are as much of this work as the literal meanings. Meditation is almost mandatory as you listen to his words weave their web and the sphere of hidden knowledge lies just beyond your mental grasp, tantalizing you with it's pandora's box of promises.

In closing, it is known that Christos Beest was working upon a subject known as Esoteric Chants. I feel that this is/was a work in progress for him on that path of knowledge, but I may be completely wrong. This recording is very rare, and with Christos Beest's other recording 'Sappho' ( putting to music the ancient female poet/goddess Sappho's works), consists of the entirety of the known works of Christos Beest and The Order of The Nine Angles.

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