Blood Duster

These guys are -still- around ? The main gripe I have with Australian Grind-Core band Blood Duster is that after so many years in the scene they still see themselves as a joke. And like other joke bands (ie Anal Cunt) the music is , for the most part , complete and utter crap. I cant understand why these guys cant step aside and let more worthy aussie bands take the spotlight. Instead they feel content hogging all attention that seems diverted from aussie bands and notably our grind scene to the point where labels such as Relapse feel the need to release garbage like this in foreign markets.

Scattered with hilarious sound bites from various movies, Blood Duster at best manages to throw up a somewhat decent attempt at an grind album. The production is fine , the musicianship isn’t lacking, but the songs and song writing leaves something to be desired. They seem to be haphazardly thrown together as if the only thing that concerned the band was releasing something with an offensive title and cd booklet pictures in order to garner attention. Occasionally the Duster manage to inject some groove into their music but with their most ‘epic’ song going for 2:16 it isn’t long before the song is over and the next bland , tasteless morsel is fed to the masses.

But not everything on this album is terrible as it may seem. ‘Pornstorestiffi’ and ‘Iskillingcloneslegal’ (yes the band have decided against the use of spaces in the titles) are stand out tracks that demonstrate that when the boys want to pen a track that is not just funny but also great to listen to, the ability is there. Pornstorestiffi in particular a track which head banging to is a necessity. But aside from these two tracks, the amusing song titles and brilliant throaty vocals , Cunt is an album that leaves the listener with the feeling that they have just missed something. I guess like the real thing , Cunt is something that should be taken care of before being exposed to the general public.


© 2003 hassan