Malice In Wonderland

Raventhrone is one of the many projects of the industrious Austrian Pazuzu. It could be compared to Summoning, but whereas Summoning can be depressing, of winter and of death, Raventhrone is more about the joyous aspects of battle against the world.

The music is guitar-based metal with synths mostly on the background of the music. It's catchy, solid and easy listening, as Pazuzu's music always tends to be, without any pretense of being a masterpiece. Vocals vary according to the situation, Pazuzu utilizing his whole range.

This isn't a completely serious album (just look at the name), and at times it's very inspiring, like when you're wandering through the woods and feeling energetic. Other times it's annoyingly perky and it's certainly not music that promotes brooding and deep contemplation of Power.

"crystal eyes as I'm ready to fight to reach what will be mine again / blade of steel and a spirit strong and proud"

2003 rotblood