While their classic "Death Cult" demo from 1985 or '86 with Tom Warrior helping out with the vocals, attracted underground and label interest, this album bores me. Too flashy and technical, made for Bay Area/ Jake E Lee/ Yngwie fans to masturbate to. I was expecting some heavy death metal, not techno-thrash. (Yes, I do like that style too.)

Admittedly, as soon as "Reborn Through Hate" starts shredding, I wondered if it was a lost Megadeth or Kreator album!

Bassist Ron Royce does a decent impersonation of Celtic Frost-type vocals, and the riffing is good. This 1987 album might grow on me, but I would have to be really bored of other albums first to play it...and why the fuck do I own it both on cd and vinyl?! The best tune has to be "Spiral Dream".

2002 mlotek