Promo 94

It's amazing how the demo era of a said band is almost always the most productive and magical time in their "career." It's during this time, and this time only, especially within black metal, that the childish and ignorant hatreds of various sources in society have brooded so uncontained within the individual, and need to expel themselves through some fitting form of escape or exit. Enthroned were precisely this way. This promo exceeded a level of hate and primivity that was entirely unbeknownst to their later material. Well... Towards the Skullthrone... was quite good, but nowhere near this stuff.

Promo 94 showcases the better aspects of Enthroned's songwritting while maintaining a very violently based production sound that was dropped immediately after. Here was the best songs, remade and eventually re-recorded throughout their later days; Deny the Holy Book Of Lies, At the Sound of the Black Millenium Bells, and the killer Tales From A Blackened Horde; all in their absolutely most barbaric form. Just to hear the songs in these stages is alone enough to get this.

The best part of this demo however, and basically every demo for that matter, is that it showed the band as a progressing entity. When you listen to a later album, it is so perfectly executed and manipulated that it makes me want to fucking vomit!!! What happened to the attitude and the aggresion?? The violence and the hate??

I suppose they are still there in one form or another, but disguised gracefully behind perfection. Yet, on the Enthroned promo, there is simply no getting around this fact; straggling musical skills, plodding drums which seem always to trail slightly behind the time, and absolutely henious vocals from Sabathan. I love every second of it, and the music is just way, way better. It seems as though only a few bands realize this, and that's what sets them apart in the scene. They transcend material or socio-political standards, and just keep playing black metal in the way it was meant to be played; it's absolutely most primieval stripped down essence.

2002 orodruin