Judas Iscariot
Under The Black Sun

Great live show from Judas Iscariot with some session members filling in the vacant spots. I believe Kanwulf, Neil from Kreig, and Prosciptor are all in on this. The first track played is one of my favorites, "Babylon in Ruin," from the old demo MC. I have always loved that first opening riff; sounds like the second song on T.H. The next track I believe was the opener of "Distant..." but I sold my Lp so I don't completely know. The next track, "The Heavens Drop with Human Gore," is one of my absolute favorite BM tracks of all time, with that killer ascending riff about halfway through, with the drums blasting underneath. It's off "Of Great Eternity," I believe. The last J.I track is off the new Lp, and it is called "Spill the Blood of the Lamb." I personally thought there were much better songs on that album than this, so I am surprised that he choose this one. "Karmageddon" is a Nargaroth cover which I had not heard previously...

The last unreleased studio track, "Black Eternal Winds," is probably the highpoint of the entire album, with it's slow, doomy progressions. One of the better, and more ordinariliy melodic tracks I have heard from J.I. A very good album, with an interesting selection of songs from most of the J.I albums. All I wish is that they had played a longer set, with more songs from each album, especially considering that this is (supposedly) the "only" J.I. concert ever to take place.

2002 orodruin