Kein Blut Soll Verunreinigt Werden

Typical Cap. material with all the usual elements; strange vocals, lyrics from J.F.N on the first song, repetitive drum machine, humorous production... etc, etc, etc. Altough this obviously does not require a review, it still is cult material, from an excellent band, and so I will take a few minutes as a tribute.

Song one; fast drum machine over interesting chord progression, and the typical "uncategorizable" lyrics that seem like a mix between death/ speech/ black metal. Song two and three; same.

Again, not a whole lot more I can say to describe it. Although Capricornus is a somewhat uninteresting band, which does not contribute much to the scene as a whole, they are still one of the more serious bands who create music with a respectable ideaology and backing motivation. One of the last hordes which can be listened too, and know that they stand one hundred percent behind all ideals and views expressed within. One of the reviewers personal favorites.

2002 orodruin