[Satan's Millennium]

AKITSA from Québec, Canada (the French Canada) play a great underground black metal inspired by such acts like ILDJARN, NARGAROTH, BURZUM, ABSURD or some Polish Black Metal bands. The particularity of this LP is that it features the 2001 demo also named "goétie" but 3 tracks are missing (the demo has 10 tracks whereas 7 are present on the LP).Vocals (all lyrics are in French) are often screamed and sometimes the guitar riffs are approximative (a bit like ABSURD) but it provides more hatred to the music, which is really raw and oppressive, sometimes with some RAC touches. Anyway this is a very good Lp and I recommend it to you if you manage to find it (limited to 300 copies only), but I think a CD version also exists, available through the distro list of the band members.

7 / 10

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