Creation Through Destruction

Now the famous French band KRISTALLNACHT is defunct. L.F. decided in late 2002 to end up the carrier of this band that released so many GREAT demos and CDs, too bad in my sense. A DLP is supposed to be out in mid 2003 containing all the band's recordings, but before that Laurent decided to offer this demo tape to the fans. It presents 2 new tracks in the vein of the song "Prais of war" (absolutely killer), one live track recorded in 2001 at teh Empre Festival and a JUDAS PRIEST cover song ("breaking the law"), that can look surprising but which is really good (apart from the drum machine !), recorded with the help of Black Christ from BLESSED IN SIN horde. This demo is really an EXCELLENT black metal assault so get it as soon as possible before it's too late.

9 / 10

2003 lord pesten