On Hooks To Pieces
[Oaken Shield]

I guess I am not the kind of "ideal person" to review this CD as I never really liked the music played by this band from Ukraine nor the one by their warbrothers NOKTURNAL MORTUM. To be short I will say I've always considered both bands as DINO BURGER clones with pathetic synth parts. I have to admit I prefer this CD to the rest of their discography, probably because I think it is influenced somewhere by the old SACRILEGIUM albums, but the keyboard parts always sound approximative and not dark/melancholic enough to look "serious" in my sense. Just listen to keyboards in a band like KRISTALLNACHT for example : they sound so strong and depressive, compared to the ones here... The average sound on this CD is very good for an UG Black metal release so the production is a good point. eeverything is written in Cyrillic in the booket so you'll probably don't understand what they mean and what they sing in their songs. Also note there is a video clip included on this enhanced-CD, I will not comment it as I will certainly get insulted if i do so as it is really... "unprofessionnal"... but note I definitely believe it's a bad idea to shoot Black metal video clips by daytime when the musicians wear corpsepaints !

4 / 10

2003 lord pesten