Hail Victory Teutonia

NACHTFALKE plays Viking Black Metal and I would compare its music to BATHORY's "hammerheart" era, although their sound is a bit different as NACHTFALKE sound more "underground" (understand : less well-produced nd raw-sounding). This band is the side project od Occulta Mors from MOONBLOOD and as he is helped on this recording by his former partner Gaamalzagoth you'll easily understand MOONBLOOD's shadow is present on this whole CD. The music could be described in my sense as Teutonic Viking Metal as this is what fits to it the best, with several epic parts and clear vocals that are absolutely great and wil remind you of the best old days of BATHORY. The CD also features 2 cover songs, one from BATHORY and one from BLACK WIDOW. Any MOONBLOOD fanatic needs this, and anybody liking UG raw sound and viking athmosphere will like this release.


2003 lord pesten