From The Dark Past
[Astral Wings]

Unfortunately, this band is dead now (I think so, because its silence is relly worrying...) NORTH was one of the most interesting bands from the Polish scene, on this album its Black Metal was very powerful, a kind of Pagan Black Metal added to fast parts, served with an incredible drum sound. If you also notice the grat atmospheres created throughout the CD (hatred and sadness), you can't deny it was really efficient. Even if the voice is backwards and should have been more highlighted, this album is a killer that I can recommend to all the freaks who like underground BM. Also notice this was the only "real" album by the band as the "Thorns on the black rose" CD was just a re-issue of the self-titled demo. I hope we'll hear again about them soon...

8.5 / 10

2003 lord pesten