Jesienne Szepty
[Black Arts]

These 2 bands are among my favourite from Poland, the country where Pagan Black Metal is certainly the best ! "Jesienne szepty" features 2 long tracks (11' and 9'), one for each band. SACRILEGIUM's song is titled "Where the day fades away", it is as good as the best songs on their fabulous "Wicher" CD, melancholic, epic, with killer crystal clear vocals parts and aggressive black metal screams that will lead your souls to the deepest parts of Polish woods. This track will please all those who love pagan black metal, no need to discuss this point. NORTH's track is also epic but it's more aggressive than the black metal played by SACRILEGIUM (no clear vocals & the pace is faster). This song was certainly recorded at the same time as their 2nd album, "From the dark past", because the similarities are numerous (sound, riffs and vocals). Anyway, it's a good song even if it's not my favourite of the band. This MCD is a very good release but it will certainly be appreciated as it deserves it only by the maniacs of the Polish UG bands. So, if you can find it (its distribution was very shitty), buy it you will have no regret !!

8 / 10

2003 lord pesten