Seigneur Voland
Consumatum Est
[Warspirit/Gas Chamber Delight]

13-track compilation featuring the whole past of SEIGNEUR VOLAND, miunus the tracks from the split demo tape with their comrades and bloodbrothers CHEMIN DE HAINE (why ???), this tape also provides 3 unreleased tracks. So the first 10 songs are already available on the first MCD, on the split CD with BLESSED IN SIN and KRISTALLNACHT and on the split EP with CHEMIN DE HAINE so I will not comment them further more, and the last 3 ones are bonus songs and the only interest of this compilation if you already have the other recordings. "Le cancer moral du désert" is a rehearsal track from 1999 and a very good song by SV, one of my faves at last. the DARKTHRONE cover was also played live by the band (see the band's official video) but the version available here is taken from a rehearsal from 2001 and the sound's quite good, at least this is a good cover even if the vocals are quite irritating. And finally you'll get a new version, recorded in 2002, of the most controversial track of the band, "Sur les ruines et les cendres de sion", I have to admit in spite of the ugly sound this one is much more aggressive thanon the debut MCD and the singer's hatred is really impressive... This release is for the band's fanatics only, this is my advise... Anyway, too bad they stopped

7 / 10

© 2003 lord pesten