Vlad Tepes
Winter Rehearsal

Great ! This official rehearsal tape was recorded after the famous "war funeral march" demo and it presents some new tracks that will lately appear on the band's ultra confidential demos and on the split CDs with TORGEIST and BELKETRE. All the 4 tracks are in different versions than those on the CDs, which makes the interest of this rehearsal. The tracklist is :

1 Frozen dead's kingdom (only appearing on the "WFM" demo)
2 Under the Carpathian yoke (also on the split CD with BELKETRE)
3 In holocaust to the natural darkness (also on both split CDs)
4 Massacre song from the devastated land (also on the split CD with BELKETRE)

Only essential black metal there, don't miss this one it's really good and anyway it's a Black Legions' release so it's worth getting it !

9 / 10

2003 lord pesten