Rising Tides

Ha ha ha. Here’s the new band of the arab from GRANULOSUM (who it seems have thankfully called it quits). The pathetic-ness of the music he makes never ceases to amaze me!!! Instead of making a full-blown BURZUM/Norsecore rip-off like all his other projects, he tries to mix BURZUM with oi punk!!! Though, I’ll be honest, it’s tenfold better than GRANULOSUM (which is the worst black metal band of all time), but still total shit. Not to mention, the “digital” (puke!!) recording is ridiculous!!! The vocals are actually quite decent, a shame the vocalist has to waste his time in a band with someone who not only isn't white in any shape or form, but who wants to make money from black metal!!!!

© 2003 bathym