Judas Priest
British Steel

The band continue to enhance the style of "Hell Bent For Leather", yet still keeping their roots intact while injecting a heavy dose of "anthem" like songs (like “Breaking The Law, “Living After Midnight”, and “United”). This is no more evident than on “United”, which is a full-blown “anthem” song (might be the most “anthem”-like song the band ever made) even with “marching” styled drumbeats. One thing about this album is the introduction of (another) new drummer, Dave Holland. Whilst he isn’t technical like Les Binks was, I always appreciated his “more in the background” style of drumwork, simple and to the point. To some extent, I’d go as far as calling it “primitive”!! Standout tracks are “Breaking The Law” (Just NEVER watch the video to this song, some might hate it after seeing it!!), “Steeler”, “Grinder”, “The Rage”, and “Metal Gods”. Though, I find every song on this album to be great...

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