Promo 2003

I wanted to hear Emit for some time, so when the offer of this promo was put out there I made sure to check it out. Just as well really, Emit is highly interesting and original black/ambient from start to finish. My first impression (about 16 seconds in) was 'Whitehouse!'. This was only a reflection on the vocals however, and they tend to be varied throughout the promo. There aren't any tracknames, just a disclaimer. The tracks are all quite different from eachother, the 2nd one is 10 minutes long and the others are quite short. The 3rd track is my favorite, it builds up to screaming chaos, calms down, repeats this process and leads out with a very short, mellow passage. Excellent. This was quite hard to review, but basically if you would like to hear some black/ambient that ventures beyond the realm of random noise or 4 note patterns then look no further.

Contact: unknownmanifesto@hotmail.com

2003 cory