In the early days of underground metal, there were few resources on the internet that told you about the music without lapsing into marketingspeak. LARM pioneered the user-contributed review site and made a resource for metalheads worldwide that helped them find good metal before it went out of print, which in the underground happens quickly. As the internet devolves into advertising and bloviation, having this resource available again is a strike against the lies, stupidity and cowardice that many accept as reality.

Vijay Prozak

My decision to shut down LARM was not an easy one, but by the time its throat was finally slit, it was more than deserved. LARM was founded on the principle that no opinion should be suppressed, no matter whom it offended - but this same lack of censorship also caused the dilution of LARM over the years. Rather than imposing restrictions on the contributors (which would have been in contradiction to why it was started it the first place), it was taken down.

This archive is the last incarnation of LARM before its demise. No further work will take place on it. Make no mistake of it, you are but feasting on the dead.