Carcass Release New Song “Under the Scalpel Blade”

Carcass have released a new song from their upcoming 2020 unnamed album by the name of “Under the Scalpel Blade.” It should be no secret to anyone here that Carcass are a shell of their former selves and have been attempting to cash in on the sound of Heartwork mixed with their Swansong Rock ideas. This time round, the band take that base and add a very basic chugging riff that leads to the chorus and then a fast riff that shows a glimpse of creativity before the song follows its basic verse/chorus/solo pattern. Early signs to avoid the album.

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17 thoughts on “Carcass Release New Song “Under the Scalpel Blade””

  1. carc ass says:

    Read on the FB page that this is just a throw-away track from their sessions, and won’t be on the actual album.

  2. toolest honkey in the butthole says:

    so this is cool

  3. ignominious says:

    There’s enough money to be had in death metal nostalgia to justify creating …this.

    1. Yep, now that Gen X has hit its forties and is too busy with family and career to really listen to music, might as well sell them some crap that they can throw on the stereo during their four hours of actual free time a week to “listen” to while they do something else exciting like shop for Christmas gifts for their ballooning wives who gangfucked drilldo boymen in college before becoming fully obedient and turning into Karens with inverted triangle hair and prison religion with a gospel of prosperity and of course humanist politics and their hateful children who are stealing money to buy bath salts and have sex with ethnic and religious minorities while memorizing communist propaganda in the local government school and hating their parents who still have no idea what hit them, life comes at you so fast, one moment you have a soul and the next moment you are a vending machine for paperwork that spits out cliches and takes in money while constantly repeating a steady stream of platitudes and slogans. But gosh in these ten seconds of attention span the new Carcass sure does sound swell boys just like the old days golly gee nostalgia is a heckuva drug maybe after I retire I can shoot myself in the basement and they will not find the corpse for months a true death metal legend I.

      1. Claudia S. Roth says:

        Jesus christ Brett, lay off the cuck porn for a bit will ya?

      2. urANUS says:

        you once wrote on Amerika: “Family, pregnancy, long-term love… these things require not only commitment, but a commitment to doing them for their own sake. You don’t have a family because it pleases you (solely). You have a family because it’s the right thing to do”

        here you bellyache that playing catch with junior may cut into your alone time with Hvis lyset tar oss

        1. doss cunt says:

          it’s almost like that position was established on a mound of untenable bullshit from the start

        2. ignominious says:

          Junior can wait; it’s not like Hvis lyset tar oss is as long as that Therion album from last year.

      3. This is your brain on nu-Carcass says:

        … you got issues, man!

  4. canadaspaceman says:

    Accurate description / review, but I like it, as I enjoyed both Heartwork and Swansong, that in-between land, a mix of thrash metal and death metal, similar to good Shadows Fall songs.

    1. Mrs Sandman says:

      lad, i thought you were serious til ya said “good shadows fall songs.” ya fuckin got me.

      this new carcass sounds like emmure.

  5. bloodypoop says:

    i mean carcass has sucked since symphonies

  6. Svmmoned says:

    That’s Holy wars…the punishment due + procreation of the wicked (Sepultura version) for the most part. Plus about two throwaway melodeath/rock riffs. Why even release such crap.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      bitches gotta be fed, but more important, so do the pets

  7. Ryan Paul says:

    Too bad that pic isn’t one of the retarded writers on this website.


    <3 ya guys

  8. Rocky Ghosh says:

    Now, That’s called a insightful review.

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