Lantern Release New Single “Strange Nebula”

Currently overhyped and soon to be flavour of the month Finnish band Lantern release an insipid seven minute song titled “Strange Nebula”. Atmospheric hipster Black segments meet stolen riffs from Purtenance in a musically cohesive but thematically disparate mess that is held together due to the harmonic poverty found here. Vocals attempt the Finnish bellow but end up sounding like NYHC pseudo-rapping. The formula has now fully shifted to a combination of lazy atmospheric passages mixed with stolen riffs from a forgotten “gem” which is in reality any middling band from the 90s.

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21 thoughts on “Lantern Release New Single “Strange Nebula””

  1. Bienenhaus says:

    The only modern finnish band worth a damn is Norns

    1. Bienenhaus says:

      And Nekrokrist SS. The split with Infamous is excellent

      1. objektivity says:

        are you retarded? do you like satanic warmaster? LOL

        1. Bienenhaus says:

          Only a homosexual would mention Satanic Warmaster. Are you one? ARE YOU A HOMOSEXUAL?

          And Sadistic Drive is also interesting

  2. David "Ram Ranch" Vincent says:

    This band is so boring.
    Why is literally every trend in underground metal so ass?

    1. hellgrazer says:

      metal has been stuck on repeat for like 15 years, i mean how much really compelling symphonic music has been written since the end of the 19th century? jazz was done by the 80s, reggae and hardcore both suck after that decade, most electronic music after the 90s sucks. at this point why even bother reporting at all on any music, both old and new, that isnt excellent or at least genuinely creative? even if it’s true that exposure to shitty music makes you appreciate good stuff more, no one is lacking there at all, not anymore. no one cares about this and no one needs more shitty music and useless information.

      1. Jiggly-wriggly-fornicatory maggots feasting on humanity OwO says:

        This says it all

      2. Doug says:

        They’ll occasionally throw in one of these Christian metal reviews, apparently for the clicks. No harm in it that I can see.

        1. the left is the truth says:

          Yes there is

      3. Gosta van Dam says:

        True dat!

      4. Fifteen years? More like twenty-five.

        1. The Whining says:

          25 years is how long it has mostly sucked

          1. Death metal really heated things up from 1988-1994, and then was pretty much dead in the water with mostly big commercial releases only after that. Black metal rocked from 1990-1994, and then quickly followed the same path. We try to keep track of the exceptions but they are few; my guess is that like many things, underground metal had a time and a place, and without that environment and the people who understood it enough to make this art, everything will be pale imitation with only a handful of exceptions.

            1. Spliff-Lord says:

              C’mon Brett, surely somebody somewhere has a decent riff in them.
              Let’s fucking go! Riffs, people!

            2. Inhaled Nazarene says:

              thats true but i was referring to metal as a whole. there are some interesting developments through the mid 2000’s particularly in grind and noisy shit. since then the only interesting stuff is vastly composed of sincere attempts at increasing emotional and psychic intensity, range and depth. true of pretty much all music now. all genres have been thoroughly explored. scenes now mean nothing on the basis of genre. nothing remains but to create excellence. now how to do that? kinda cool if you ask me.

              1. The main issue is that excellence will not be rewarded in a genre with an audience that likes metalcore, shoegaze, post-black, war metal, and darkclones.

                The musicians who want to be heard have gone elsewhere. FMP/NWN-style audiences, plus emo hipster SJWs, took over and now only people who make what that audience wants make metal.

                1. Bow to the fecal lord says:

                  Elements needed for substantial breakthroughs/illumination of any kind: innate high ability, endogenous personality, environment which allows quirky and somewhat disruptive behavior. The metal scene today doesn’t allow for illumination. Without illumination, it is stagnant, normalized and dead, and narcissists seeking social authority take over!

  3. bloodypulpit says:

    terrible band name, stupid logo, cheesy art with zero creativity, sounds like mithras but even worse. more boring than bad. but still really bad.

  4. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    They act hard but these boys would get humped by shemales!

  5. Steve says:

    Too meandering for me. Needs more concrete riffs.

  6. ShowerShank says:

    There’s a Monster Energy logo on the cover, look at the door!

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