Hosts of Lord – Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair

Hosts of Lord are an interesting curiosity, a Christian Black metal band hailing from the USA but rather than taking standard Noregian second wave and adding Christian lyrics, sole member Μαθθίας takes influence from the short lived and for the most part left alone French scene. While current the French Black metal scene has discarded its greats in favour of more commercial strands or Deathspell Omega like dissonance, Hosts of Lord attempt to channel the self-destructive and truly misanthropic tendencies of their influences into eschatological predictions of the future.

Riffs are exclusively within the harmonic minor style that defined Mütiilation but informed by other styles of Extreme metal. The jangly strummed chords of many “Les Légions Noires” bands has been replaced with held chords by properly tuned guitars. The slow, picked melodies are taken almost verbatim from the LLN scene and are either used on top of tremolo picked melodies or as idiosyncratic tools. “Scourged Venemous Creatures” slowly builds up with some chords to the short picked arpeggios before exploding on a similar pattern that is tremolo picked. “Tormenting Anguish of Distant Ancestors” indulges in those long passages of lazy melodies that was emblematic of many of those bands but without any of the development and cling on to them until transitioning to another idea.

Most of the songs here feature no more than three or four riffs that are very well arranged as each riff is adequately utilized multiple times in varying contexts. On “A Haze of Prophetic Ecstasy” which is the best song of the album it uses the predefined style as a base to explore other types of melodies in its climax and conclusion. Ultimately this is an enjoyable record that showcases some of the best from “Les légions Noires” and flirts with expanding on those ideas but it lacks depravity and hopelessness due to the lack of mastery in regards to the slower parts. A combination with other strains of Black metal while exploring the idea of prophets would create some interesting results as Christianity can’t substitute welfare, a case of “Amsterdam Maximator” and injecting heroin in squats.

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19 thoughts on “Hosts of Lord – Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair

  1. Astral Ejaculation says:

    Some call it “Unblack Metal”, gayest thing ever

  2. 2 and a half mennonites says:

    it’s actually really good

    the christians are cattle for the luciferians so it makes sense at a metaphysical/zeitgeist level that the truly devoted would create some great eschatological martyr-worship stuff

    1. lazy imitation says:

      dude this is cat screechy boring ass stock black metal bullshit oh sorry for a minute i forgot that you grasp objective truth more than i could ever imagine obviously of course. never mind

      1. 2 and a half mennonites says:

        alright dude have a snickers

        1. sweet nuts says:

          alright dude have a comment that has nothing to do with the point or maybe anything at all

          1. 2 and a half mennonites says:

            my comment meant, “you sound bitchy, consider making an adjustment to your blood sugar level,” sorry to have confused you

            1. getting too old for this shit says:

              my comment meant “you’re wrong, consider pulling your head out of your ass”

              1. 2 and a half mennonites says:

                so your whole thing is ad hominem and format copying, but I’m the one suffering from cephalorectal blockage syndrome?

                you are a snowflake trying to quelch an eruption

      2. 2 and a half mennonites says:

        alright I have a minute now to write a snarkless response

        you say it’s “cat screechy”. so you don’t like the vocals. that has nothing to do with my OP and it’s a personal opinion. but it’s understandable. presumably you don’t like burzum either since the vocals sound similar. overall though it’s a relatively minor aesthetic element

        you say it’s “copycat” but don’t qualify that. so I have a few counters. first every black metal band since mayhem, burzum, and darkthrone are copycats. so if you don’t listen to any bm outside of those 3, then your opinion has some integrity, unusual as it may be. I’d also bring into question what sort of value novelty per se adds to music. we have death spell omega and weakling, which could be argued are not copycats, but their music isn’t actually good. so just how much innovation in a genre that has arguably been ossified is unclear, and if you don’t like bands that sound like one another you’re doing an odd thing by reading reviews for bm released in 2020

        if you can point out which bands/riffs HoL are copying, that would be helpful. the review already points out that there is clearly a LLN sound but I’m not so well-versed regarding that whole scene since the bands were mainly annoying, though mutiilation is pretty good. HoL sounds much less depressive and the lyrics are still grim af. I do hear that comparison in the ringing arpeggios and slow, sorrowful sections, though

        finally if you’re just triggered by a christian band: half of bm is christian anyway. satanism and christianity are two sides of the same monotheism coin. it accepts the same dogma but inverts the writ. so anyone who thinks satanic music is cool but old testament stuff is verboten isn’t being consistent. after all christians have a whole subeconomy of FUBU media that is specifically tailored to validate their beliefs… not that different from the whole hollywood satanism scene in bm

        1. just figured since youre into death metal you might be able to understand says:

          your point is that it’s ‘actually really good’, which its not, no matter how detailed you imagine the context of its existence to be, for instance listen to the shitty vocals that have none of the feeling of burzum.

          novelty is important, lazy imitation has a different connotation than copycat, i dont read metal reviews, mutiilation sucks, i dont care about christians, i dont think about music, i just hear it and feel it

          1. 2 and a half mennonites says:

            ok so you have an opinion and you don’t like mine. that’s boring

            and I actually don’t like death metal

            1. yes says:

              nailed it

  3. Divine Putrefaction says:

    What the fuck is this shit? May as well bring back the guest with the fetish for martyrdom and the Crusades.

    1. Slent of the Argho says:

      Look at this triggered jew lol

      1. Storms of Rape says:

        Martyrs make good victims, they put up little resistance.

  4. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed Chainaxe Blow says:

    This site officially declared itself a SJW Christian apologist site back when Brock Dorsey wrote for this site, and haven’t looked back. Not surprised more Christian music is covered here. Brett Stevens has always done his best to see who he can alienate. But since he became a Christian, he has tried to cannibalize his own website, around the time he abandoned and moved the metal portion to death

    1. how is this site a SJW christian apologist site? Christian or not Hosts of Lord deserved their place. You are crying over nothing.

    2. But since he became a Christian

      I have always been, and remain, a Perennialist.

  5. Thewaters says:

    DMU have been communist apologists since they started reviewing Napalm Death!

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