4 thoughts on “Autarcie, Black Death and Other Sicknesses”

  1. fenrir says:

    Majestic article. I like this serious occult fanzine approach.

  2. Monsieur Dickbutt says:

    Excellent article, good to read something of substance on this site again, it’s certainly been a while.

  3. Slav Slavslavowicz says:

    too many talks of extramusikal… That how you know such band is bad! Graveland crush this french pussies! AVE POSLKA!!!!

  4. Belano says:

    Great article, even though I don’t share all the proposed relations between musical and extramusical elements and neither all your value judgements. But I think that, if we want to understand metal better, this is a really good example: examine the music in its context and in relation with musical tradition.

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