Pact – The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating the Threshold of Night

by Brett Stevens
December 19, 2014 –

When black metal first hit the big time, my first thought was that the music industry was going to do to death metal and black metal what it did to hardcore music. When I spoke this out loud, people laughed it off, thinking that nothing that close to their hearts could change. Pact proves me...Read more

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The King is Blind – The Deficiencies of Man

by Cory Van der Pol

Of all the modern metal tendencies that can be completely annoying, the insistence of vocals leading the piece takes the cake. Like rap, the music takes a backseat to whatever is being shouted at you like political slogans or advertising offers. Here the band writes a grind-death hybrid distilled to high-energy riffs under a slowly-enunciated...Read more

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Black Anvil – Triumvirate

by Cory Van der Pol

Every now and then as you sort through the massive stacks — about 3-5 per day on average — of albums submitted to this site, you find an honest-to-goodness tragedy. There you sigh and think, this could have been quite good, with a few relatively minor adjustments as seen from a decade away. Those adjustments...Read more

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Algaion – Exthros

by Cory Van der Pol

Black metal has been taken over by cocktail parties. I used to be able to say, “You know, everything but black metal is a copy of a copy at this point,” and the point would drop. Now people start digging out their Prada notepads and Christian Dior iPhone cases and rattle off a list of...Read more

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Fanisk – Noontide

by Cory Van der Pol

Normally I refuse to review NSBM because in my view, if your politics must be understood to like the music, the art has failed and we have ventured into propaganda. Nonetheless I attempted to listen to Fanisk because so many people swore by its value, including those I respected. Let me quickly set your fears...Read more

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#metalgate calls us to action

by Cory Van der Pol
December 18, 2014 –
Image by Gunnar von Cowtown.

By now, the rage over #metalgate has subsided as #shirtgate, #gamergate and #metalgate converge on a single movement that spans many genres: opposition to the censor police who, using political correctness as an excuse, have invaded multiple genres with mediocre options while declaring them enlightened. They have used this indirect invasion to take over media...Read more

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Rock music hates metal and wants to assimilate it

by Brett Stevens
December 17, 2014 –

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has again slighted heavy metal by including musicians from all genres except metal while some of metal’s longest-running, widest-selling and most-acclaimed acts go unnoticed. As one metal writer pointed out: “This is a symptom of the disrespect across the board toward hard rock and heavy metal,” says Trunk....Read more

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#metalgate helps put Hatred back on Steam

by Cory Van der Pol

You probably don’t yet know this, but it’s ideological warfare out there. “Politics” no longer exists in the realm of voting and reading the Editorial page only. It is now part of every aspect of life, and the movement is only accelerating. This occurs because the people in our society are divided by what type...Read more

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The Ouroborean Circle declares its presence

by Brett Stevens
December 16, 2014 –

Metal spills over into other areas of life. Every person has a philosophy, and if they are attracted to metal, it is that personal worldview that drives them toward it and not the other way around, although certainly metal further informs that worldview. As a result, metal finds similarity in other ideals that generally seek...Read more

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Exhumed to release Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998-2015

by Brett Stevens

Exhumed released its debut of Carcass-influenced bouncy death metal, Gore Metal in 1998 with a bounty of crepitant grindcore riffs and death metal surging power. Almost two decades later, Exhumed returned to the studio to re-record its first album as Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015, which will see release this February via Relapse...Read more

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