Thou Shell of Death – Cave Hill

by Brett Stevens
January 31, 2015 –

Thou Shell of Death create funeral doom metal with what amounts to a lead keyboard layering sparkly and incongruously happy melodies over a background of churning doom-death riffing. Songs build slowly in circles, repeating two fundamental riffs with transitions to re-contextualize them before the cycle is entered again. Over this, shrouded vocals of alternating howls...Read more

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#metalgate hipsters continue faking the news

by Cory Van der Pol

The increasing popularity of #metalgate has irked the hipster SJWs who promote it. One of the SJW hipsters who provoked #metalgate by demanding our editor be removed from the metal Journolist writes about the increasing popularity of #metalgate in terms of hateful denial: Detractors included Phil McSorely, who was fired from the band Cobalt for...Read more

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Riot V – Unleash The Fire

by William Pilgrim
January 28, 2015 –

Riot founder and guitarist Mark Reale died in 2012 after releasing the consistently engaging Immortal Soul. Under-appreciated for their entire careers, Riot never quite managed to do as well as they should have in the underground credibility sweepstakes. Manilla Road and Virgin Steele have both acquired formidable reputations with the passing of time, and deservedly...Read more

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Evoked – “Return of the Dead”

by James van Zyl

Hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany, Evoked issues four savage compositions of blistering mid-paced death metal honoring the early days of the genre on their demo “Return of the Dead.” This demo came out in 2014 and uses Swedish-style blistering production but actually hails to an earlier era. In the style of bands such as Possessed, Grotesque...Read more

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Skepticism records Ordeal live in Turku, FI

by Brett Stevens
January 26, 2015 –

Finnish funeral doom metal band Skepticism performed their yet-unreleased fifth full-length album, Ordeal, in a live recording at Klubi in Turku, Finland on January 24, 2015. The event was also captured on film for an accompanying DVD to go alongside the album, in shades of what Empyrium did last years with their first performance in...Read more

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 01-26-15

by Staff

Sturgeon’s law holds that 90% of everything is mediocre. This condition occurs because most people are not thinking at all about what they are doing. When they want to be important, they create a metal band to make them look important, instead of trying to make good music. With brutal cruelty and ecstatic sadism we...Read more

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Abysme – Strange Rites

by Brett Stevens
January 25, 2015 –

Death metal tends to get described in terms of its influences among the classic bands, and in the case of Abysme it makes sense to mention Entombed, Autopsy and Dismember when describing the style that cloaks the music of this band. Using the brawny Swedish distortion at full intensity, Abysme creating brooding prowl riffs like...Read more

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Torchure re-issues The Essence on Vic Records

by Brett Stevens
January 24, 2015 –

German death metal band Torchure has re-issued its second album, The Essence, on Vic Records. The album was produced by S.L. Coe of Scanner and Angel Dust and comes with very special liner notes, rare pictures and two re-mastered unreleased tracks as bonus. Torchure formed in 1985 and released three demo tapes before unleashing their...Read more

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Perdition Temple announce The Tempter’s Victorious release on March 24, 2015

by Brett Stevens

Perdition Temple, a band composed of Angelcorpse and Immolation members, will release its second album The Tempter’s Victorious on Hells Headbangers Records on March 24, 2015. The album shows the band refining their militant high speed slamming phrasal riffing in a style of death metal similar to Vader and Fallen Christ. In many ways the...Read more

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