Infamous – Abisso

by Brett Stevens
April 1, 2015 –

Much like Nordic pioneers Ildjarn, Infamous combines the sounds of Oi and hardcore punk with black metal, but takes an approach similar to that of the Southern European black metal scene: longer melodies and song constructions building up to a triumphant explosion of rage. Infamous uses longer melodies in the recursive style of RAC bands,...Read more

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Under the Sign of the Lone Star announces inaugural issue

by Brett Stevens

As the internet dies a slow death from both information overload and undue concentration (and thus agenda enforced) in sites like Wikipedia and Metal-Archives, many metalheads are returning to zines. Zine editors choose what to focus on and tend to specialize in certain levels of quality and types of metal, so if you find one...Read more

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Corpse Machine – Depths of the Abyss

by Brett Stevens
March 31, 2015 –

Perhaps you hoped that Venom would put out a technical album without losing the energy of its primitive side. Corpse Machine aims for that gap with a heavy metal album dressed up as death/black metal, using mostly old school heavy metal riffs but concluding its songs in the soaring melodic motions which made black metal...Read more

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Ancient Wind – The Chosen Slain

by Brett Stevens

Properly belonging to the power metal camp that hybridized heavy metal with death metal technique, Ancient Wind plays fast melodic songs with conventional structure in a style influenced by melodic death metal favorites like At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul but also takes its influence from higher-energy bands in that style like Unanimated Ancient...Read more

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Demolition Man (1993)

by Brett Stevens

Cult movies must take on an attitude similar to heavy metal and horror films: as outsiders looking in at a society whose institutions and ideals are entirely corrupted by what humans wish were true, and populated by humans who refuse to see the obvious because of their socially-defined rules and ideals which deny reality. Every...Read more

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First look at the new Demoncy fold-out Joined in Darkness digipak

by Brett Stevens

Forever Plagued Records has licensed Demoncy Joined in Darkness and issued it with an inverted-cross fold-out digipak, in addition to giving the album a remastering that may enhance the original recording. The label has posted the first pictures of the inverted digipak and it is likely that it will inflame some Hessian aggression. Not only...Read more

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#metalgate defies critics, continues growing

by Brett Stevens

SJWs tried to deny #metalgate at first. “There’s no censorship. You’re writing about a non-issue.” Then at some point, the articles kept piling up. In them, SJWs — who seem to share membership in music journalism and record labels to a disproportionate degree relative to bands and fans — continually attempt to coerce metal fans...Read more

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First impressions: Kaeck (NL)

by Brett Stevens

Composed of members of Kjeld, Noordelingen and Sammath, Kaeck is a new style of black metal that upholds the intensity of war metal but infuses it with the elegant melody of classic black metal. The result is a surging malevolence on the surface with an inner core of transcendent beauty. To the experienced ear, comparisons...Read more

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Dark Descent Records plans US death metal compilation

by Brett Stevens
March 30, 2015 –

Dark Descent Records has announced plans to unleash a compilation of US death metal bands which will accompany an upcoming issue of Legacy magazine from Germany which will be themed around death metal. Bands confirmed so far: Morpheus Descends Thevetat Blood Incantation Spectral Voice House of Atreus Grave Ritual Imprecation Blaspherian Horrendous Father Befouled Dark...Read more

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Hells Headbangers unleashes free digital compilation Compilation Volume 8

by Brett Stevens

Underground survivalist label Hells Headbangers has released a free digital music compilation entitled Compilation Volume 8. Featuring cover art by maniac visualizer Antichrist Kramer in clear homage to Blasphemy Fallen Angel of Doom, the compilation provides free listening to introductory tracks to a number of bands from new and old undergrounds alike. Hells Headbangers described...Read more

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