Morpheus Descends releases From Blackened Crypts compilation

by Brett Stevens
March 26, 2015 –

Early death metal band Morpheus Descends is back in the action, with future tours lined up and a re-issue of its complete recordings heading to stores. The compilation From Blackened Crypts combines the full-length Ritual of Infinity with the two EPs that followed, Chronicles of the Shadowed Ones and The Horror of the Truth along...Read more

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Heathen Call – Volume IV

by Brett Stevens
March 25, 2015 –

In the early 1990s, before Wikipedia and Metal-Archives destroyed knowledge by standardizing it, zine editors were like guerrilla truth-fighters. At their day jobs, they stood in front of copiers while a colleague nervously kept watch, running off thousands of sheets that they then stayed up until dawn stapling and preparing for mailing. Everyone who could...Read more

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Codex Obscurum issue #7 available for pre-order

by Brett Stevens

The seventh issue of New England old school metal zine Codex Obscurum has been completed and is now available for pre-order. Featuring a list of bands including Deceased, Thanatos, Crypt Sermon, Dawn of Demise, Wastlander, Undergang, Blood Incantation, Magic Circle and Drug Honkey, the zine promises to be a continuation of the past concept of...Read more

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Tau Cross releases first track “Lazarus” from upcoming album Tau Cross

by Brett Stevens

All-star metal/punk band Tau Cross — with members Rob “The Baron” Miller from Amebix on bass/vocals, Michel “Away” Langevin on drums, and members of Misery on guitars — has released the first single from its upcoming album Tau Cross. The single, entitled “Lazarus,” shows the style of this new band. The band describes its sound...Read more

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#metalgate roundup: the censorship continues

by Brett Stevens

The ongoing rebellion against censorship in the name of social justice #metalgate continued this week when metal fought back against commercial assimilation. Commercial assimilation and social justice censorship have the same root, which is a desire to make metal “safe” so it can be sold to more people. This requires metal denying its inherently apocalyptic...Read more

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Supuration releases cover image for Reveries…

by Brett Stevens

French progressive rock/death metal hybrid Supuration have released the cover for their upcoming album, Reveries…. Created by famed underground metal artist Dan Seagrave, the cover image displays classic death metal symbology in its gnarled and organic textures in a mythological setting. Reveries… will see release via Listenable Records on May 29, 2015. Mastered by Dawn...Read more

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Why do all SJWs look the same?

by Brett Stevens
March 24, 2015 –

For those who are not so narcissistic that they are oblivious to the fact that Western civilization is in full downfall — and only a few hundred years after we fixed everything with the Enlightenment and the French Revolution — the events in politics and the news seem like frosting on a cake. We know...Read more

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Help death metal ascend the throne again

by Brett Stevens
March 23, 2015 –

“If you live under a rock…” the old cliché begins, but the truth is that you can live in a glass house in the center of the world’s biggest city and still miss the obvious. Denial is the most universal of human traits, and without the application of discipline and honesty we are nothing more...Read more

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Dredd (2012)

by Brett Stevens
March 21, 2015 –

Dredd takes 1950s noire themes and explodes them into a 21st century action film wrapped around a 1980s concept, but does so successfully and produces a thoughtful action film with a subtle but revelatory character study which makes it both fit together as a realistic drama and uphold the standards of its comic book origins....Read more

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Devil (2010)

by Brett Stevens

This film combines supernatural horror with the time-honored formula of detective stories, which is the “locked room” mystery. In this case, the locked room is an elevator in which five people are stranded during a power outage. As time goes on, and evil acts accumulate, it becomes clear that one of the people in the...Read more

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