Isten zine compilation Isten Fanzine: Don’t Break the Ghost released December 12, 2014

by Brett Stevens
November 20, 2014 –

Svart Records will release a compilation of Isten zine from 1984-2014 on December 12, 2014. Entitled Isten Fanzine: Don’t Break the Ghost, the anthology will be published in hardcover and contain 800 pages of all things published and unpublished by Isten during those years. Isten creator Mikko Mattila, who began the zine in his hometown...Read more

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Forward into the past

by Cory Van der Pol
November 19, 2014 –

Revolver published its list of metal bands who define the future of metal, and naturally people are a bit taken aback. The dominant trend on the list: metal bands that look like 90s bands who play with more distortion. They come in several types: Marilyn Manson style hard rock goth, lite-jazz merged with Dream Theater...Read more

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Manilla Road – Out of the Abyss re-issued

by Cory Van der Pol
November 18, 2014 –

Shadow Kingdom Records will reissue the seventh album from Wichita, Kansas, band Manilla Road, entitled Out of the Abyss on January 13, 2015. Originally release in 1988, this album shows the band in both fully-developed and archetypal form. Death metal fans coming late to this album may note how it is a prime example of...Read more

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Interview with techno-slam-deathcore band Cuff

by Brett Stevens
November 13, 2014 –

The metal scene is not a static thing. It goes on, and you either participate or accept it as is. For this reason, many of us are looking into newer styles of metal. Cuff combine Cryptopsy-inspired deathcore with slam and a Voivod-inspired technological fascination. Comprised of only two guys, Bob Shaw (vocals) and Zach Smith...Read more

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Parable of the poseur

by Aaron Lynn
November 12, 2014 –

One day, a man decided he wanted to be a lion, so he went to a local costume store and bought a lion suit complete with a mask and gloves that looked like lion’s paws. The man then went out into the city telling everyone that he was a lion. One citizen approached him and...Read more

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Resurrecting the best of the underground

by Brett Stevens
November 11, 2014 –

It is a seldom-known fact that you get more of what you allow to exist. In a musical community, this means that whatever albums sell enough to attract some audience will produce imitators. When a community is thriving, this means that good albums replace bad. When a community is dying, it means that labels pump...Read more

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Metal documentary The Distorted Island release planned for December 18, 2014

by Brett Stevens
November 5, 2014 –

Heavy metal documentary The Distorted Island: Heavy Metal Music and Community in Puerto Rico will see release on December 18, 2014, at an unveiling at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico in Santurce. Tickets are limited to 300, but free of charge, and can be acquired from the organizers. The Distorted Island: Heavy Metal...Read more

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Rigor Mortis – Slaves to the Grave

by Brett Stevens
November 4, 2014 –

The job of a record reviewer embraces nihilism in a way most people will never experience. Much must be removed — nostalgia for the musicians who shaped much of your teen years, sympathy for a musician who died far too young, desire for metal to awaken from its slumber — in order to clearly analyze...Read more

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Skepticism to record new album Ordeal live in Turku, Finland

by Brett Stevens

Funeral doom innovators Skepticism plan to record their fifth album, Ordeal, live at Klubi in Turku, Finland on January 24, 2015. This marks a departure from their normal process of recording in studio but enables the band to record the album and video simultaneously for release on their new label, Svart Records, having transferred from...Read more

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Metalhead massacred by methed-out Christian zealot

by Cory Van der Pol
October 31, 2014 –

Heavy metal fan Jacob Andrew Crockett was nearly beheaded by Christian zealot Isaiah Zoar Martin after the latter engaged in a binge of drug use and watching Christian-themed videos on YouTube, resulting in the untimely death of Crockett and police detention for Martin. According to local sources, Martin felt religious inspiration inspired the killing: The...Read more

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