Obscura and Osho

by David Rosales
May 3, 2015 –

If, like me, the reader has also purchased the latest reissue of Gorguts’ Obscura, he will find that the booklet’s back side is graced by the following quote by Osho: The journey is long and the path is pathless and one has to be alone. There is no map and no one to guide. But there is...Read more

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Rush – Permanent Waves

by David Rosales

Emerging from a hard rock background, Rush made increasingly ambitious attempts at being on par with the European progressive acts of the early 1970s. Although dubbed a progressive rock band, Rush’s music would be best described as a “poor-man’s” progressive rock. A naive and straightforward attempt at emulating the workings of the music of more refined bands...Read more

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12 Months of Rush

by David Rosales

With the exception of the debut album, Rush’s remaining 14 albums originally published by Mercury will be reissued through 2015. The reissues are made available in vinyl format with an accompanying download card to access the digital audio files corresponding to the release. Additionally, three of the releases will be released on Blu-ray Pure Audio....Read more

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Corruption – Demos

by David Rosales

Following in the steps of Repulsion, mid-period Blood and Napalm Death, Honduran band Corruption write mid-paced Grindcore with lyrical content ranging from the socio-political to the more gore-oriented character. Corruption’s music also features tonal guitar solos that stress a dark mood rather than a wild outburst of chaos. This self-titled demo released in early March...Read more

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Celebrating Jeff Hanneman

by Brett Stevens
May 2, 2015 –

Today, May 2, in 2013 founding Slayer guitarist and composer Jeff Hanneman died. During his brief tour of planet Earth, Hanneman fused the boundaryless songwriting of hardcore punk with the riff-based narrative ideas of heavy metal, producing what became an important template for all metal to follow. Punk, by reducing music to modal strips which...Read more

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Demoncy – Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion)

by Brett Stevens
April 30, 2015 –

Demoncy originally recorded Empire of the Fallen Angel in 2003 and a dozen years later has re-recorded and re-issued these compositions as Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion). Having thought for years that the original release deserved a second look, it was great to see it ride again. Recorded solely by Demoncy creator...Read more

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Doom What Thou Wilt radio show in Calgary, CA

by Brett Stevens

Writer and fan Sarah Kitteringham has created a radio show entitled Doom What Thou Wilt for stoner rock, heavy metal and doom metal in Calgary, AB, Canada. Salient details follow: Every Tuesday evening Next show: May 5, 2015 @ 11:00 pm MST Listen here: http://cjsw.com/listen/Read more

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Sorcier des Glaces at work on North

by Brett Stevens
April 28, 2015 –

French Canadian black metal band Sorcies des Glaces announced that the band is heading into the studio this summer to finish the recording of North, its upcoming LP. The band also released the cover image above. Known for its flowing black metal in the style of old Immortal and Graveland, but an idiosyncratic twist of...Read more

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Death Is Upon Us death metal compilation planned

by Brett Stevens

The German zine Legacy – The Voice From The Dark Side plans to release a death metal compilation entitled Death Is Upon Us featuring cover artwork by infamous death metal artist Mark Riddick. The first 14 tracks from this compilation feature bands from Dark Descent Records: Thevetat Morpheus Descends Horrendous Blood Incantation Spectral Voice Grave...Read more

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Profile: Death Curse Productions (Germany)

by Brett Stevens

Death Curse Productions represents the new wave of smaller underground labels who are targeting niches within the mainstreamed post-underground instead of trying to drop out from the methods used by normals to exchange music. Despite offering some unconventional formats, Death Curse Productions keeps its offerings accessible to the world at large, as if daring them...Read more

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