Death Metal Underground

Godflesh Streetcleaner: triumph of industrial grindcore

by Brett Stevens
July 24, 2014 –

Sometimes great albums happen. Multiple forces converge — influences, musicians, leaders, ideas, opportunities — and everyone involved becomes more than they are. They rise above their mortal lives and create something profound enough to live in, a musical world we want to inhabit and take up its struggles and make it turn into the full...Read more

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Sentenced North From Here: the album that exploded melodic metal

by Brett Stevens
July 22, 2014 –

Back in the chaotic early 1990s, most death metal bands were racing to catch up with albums like Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick and Deicide Legion. Bands increasingly experimented with complex rhythms and riffs but eschewed the radio-friendly sound of the last generations of metal, including the melodic harmonized guitar attack of Iron Maiden....Read more

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Fuck Cancer 2 fest to hit Houston August 23-24, 2014

by Brett Stevens
July 20, 2014 –

Twenty-one years after the Fuck Christ tour ravaged North America, the Fuck Cancer 2 fest will hit Houston, Texas. On August 23 and 24th a passel of death metal bands descend to tear out eardrums and possibly other body parts with the proceeds going to medical costs for cancer patient Calan Cazares. HEADLINERS: 12:00 Uncleansed...Read more

The spirit of metal

by Aaron Lynn
July 19, 2014 –

The metalcore explosion — djent, math metal, ultra-jocky tech-death, post-black metal, smooth melodeath — pushed itself to the forefront of most American scenes holding the false banner of metal. Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels said that “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe...Read more

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As the music industry contracts niche genres will rise

by Cory Van der Pol
July 17, 2014 –

Being a squeaky clean pop country starlet has its advantages. Taylor Swift launched her own critique of the music industry by suggesting recently that customers will buy albums that “hit them like an arrow through the heart.” This implies by converse that they will buy only albums that hit this raised standard. Her statement echoes...Read more

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Death Metal Underground blocked in UK

by Brett Stevens
July 16, 2014 –

According to Blocked!, an Open Rights Group keeping track of content filtering in the United Kingdom, one of the bigger UK national ISPs blocks We’re not sure if this is for our embrace of openly Satanic bands, our bad language, the Profanatica picture or our utter flippancy toward society in general. Either way, it...Read more

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5 albums that invented death metal

by Cory Van der Pol

When the new genre of death metal emerged, no one knew what to call it at first. It grew out of a time when metal was just managing to break out of its last assimilation by rock, the late 1970s and early 1980s glam, through speed metal bands like Metallica. As soon as those broke...Read more

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The rise of “cute metal”

by Cory Van der Pol
July 15, 2014 –

It happened in the mid-1970s, then the early 1980s, then the early 1990s, and now it’s happening again: underground metal is splitting away from what the mainstream will tolerate. Except that now the window has moved so that mainstream metal includes many things once reserved to the underground. The rise of “cute metal” exemplifies this...Read more

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5 albums that invented underground metal

by Cory Van der Pol
July 14, 2014 –

Before there were names for styles like death metal and black metal, and before anyone beyond a handful of people knew of these genres, pioneers created the groundwork for both genres and influences on several others. They had little at their disposal besides primitive recording and photocopied zines, but somehow these founders established the basis...Read more

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5 thrash albums that you must hear

by Cory Van der Pol
July 11, 2014 –

Image from Thrasher Magazine. Thrasher music deserves its own category. It spans three genres and gave its name to one. It also plays by entirely distinct rules that place it in both metal and punk camps, but not exclusively in either. Despite the attempts of both genres to claim it, it has weaseled free by...Read more

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