Sadistic Metal Reviews 01-26-15

by Staff
January 26, 2015 –

Sturgeon’s law holds that 90% of everything is mediocre. This condition occurs because most people are not thinking at all about what they are doing. When they want to be important, they create a metal band to make them look important, instead of trying to make good music. With brutal cruelty and ecstatic sadism we...Read more

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Abysme – Strange Rites

by Brett Stevens
January 25, 2015 –

Death metal tends to get described in terms of its influences among the classic bands, and in the case of Abysme it makes sense to mention Entombed, Autopsy and Dismember when describing the style that cloaks the music of this band. Using the brawny Swedish distortion at full intensity, Abysme creating brooding prowl riffs like...Read more

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Torchure re-issues The Essence on Vic Records

by Brett Stevens
January 24, 2015 –

German death metal band Torchure has re-issued its second album, The Essence, on Vic Records. The album was produced by S.L. Coe of Scanner and Angel Dust and comes with very special liner notes, rare pictures and two re-mastered unreleased tracks as bonus. Torchure formed in 1985 and released three demo tapes before unleashing their...Read more

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Perdition Temple announce The Tempter’s Victorious release on March 24, 2015

by Brett Stevens

Perdition Temple, a band composed of Angelcorpse and Immolation members, will release its second album The Tempter’s Victorious on Hells Headbangers Records on March 24, 2015. The album shows the band refining their militant high speed slamming phrasal riffing in a style of death metal similar to Vader and Fallen Christ. In many ways the...Read more

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Blaspherian announces Reborn Through the Black Flames of Lucifer for 2015

by Brett Stevens

Texas subterranean death metal band Blaspherian recently announced the planned release of a new album in 2015, tentatively titled Reborn through the Black Flames of Lucifer. According to songwriter/guitarist Wes Weaver, the band has already written four tracks for the new release. Following their triumphant Upon the Throne… of Eternal Blasphemous Death 7″, which showed...Read more

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#metalgate goes mainstream as Machine Head flails on

by Cory Van der Pol
January 23, 2015 –

The SJWs keep up a simple strategy for dealing with #metalgate: pretend it never happened and, if it did happen, it died an early death. Instead, #metalgate is ramping up as the collision between Political Correctness and heavy metal intensifies. Recently metalcore band All That Remains’ vocalist Phil Labonte made some comments that riled a...Read more

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Terror Empire – The Empire Strikes Black

by David Rosenberg

Through the years of scanning endless lists of metal albums one gradually develops an intuition that links band name, album name and artwork to the general nature of what will be heard. Seldom does a tongue-in-cheek name correlate with quality music, since the band designed itself as a stunt. While some serious-sounding names result in...Read more

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Morpheus Descends – From Blackened Crypts box set in pre-order

by Brett Stevens
January 21, 2015 –

Dark Descent Records announced the pre-order of a CD/DVD box set of classic underground death metal band Morpheus Descends (formerly Morpheus) featuring two CDs and a DVD including all past material from this formative act which influenced Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and many other death metal bands from the early 1990s. The box set will include,...Read more

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Death Melodies: Fryderyk Chopin

by Uri O'Reilly

Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849) was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist who lived out most of his brief but stellar career in Paris, where he died of tuberculosis at the age of 39. Chopin mixed with the musical elite of his day, developing friendships with top composers and performers, particularly with the Hungarian virtuoso and proto-Hessian,...Read more

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