Why Thurston Moore is right about black metal

by Brett Stevens
September 18, 2014 –

Most people believe that “trolling” happens on the internet and that trolls are a group like organized crime. Instead trolling is a method and trolls are any who troll, such as when Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore trolled black metal fans recently. Having been around media and rock fans alike — two groups heavily invested...Read more

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 09-18-14

by Staff

What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? When Hessians decide they are sick of every random person tagging along for the glory of metal while making the same dreck that big media pushes on us through the pop industry. Make art, make it violent and aggressive, be truthful… or go home as we enjoy your delicious tears....Read more

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Satanist group allows Florida children to explore alternative religion

by Brett Stevens
September 17, 2014 –

Religion and its opposition exist in uneasy tension in our democracy. Some years ago, it was decided that instead of making religion mandatory in schools, government should allow religious organizations to submit materials for use by students. Recently, someone called their bluff. In particular, The Satanic Temple wants to supply religious pamphlets about Satanism to...Read more

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International Journal of Community Music releases its heavy metal special

by Brett Stevens

Image from The Musical Autist. The International Journal of Community Music recently released its June 2014 issue which focuses on heavy metal through writings by the heavy metal studies academic community which explore heavy metal and its social effects in many different forms. Centered around the concept of “community music,” the journal investigates interactions between...Read more

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Cannibal Corpse: Bible of Butchery by Joel McIver

by Brett Stevens

Derided mostly by casual noticers of their cover art, Cannibal Corpse created a public face for death metal by becoming the most popular death metal band in history. Outselling the rest of the genre, they have kept on tour and pushing out albums for two and a half decades and now have unleashed their thirteenth...Read more

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Heavy Metal at the Movies conference issues call for papers

by Brett Stevens
September 16, 2014 –

The Popular Culture Association (PCA) announced the theme for its upcoming meeting on April 1-4, 2015 as “how heavy metal culture relates to cinema.” The PCA issued a call for papers on this topic so that aspiring heavy metal studies scholars can submit writings in advance of the conference. Held in New Orleans, the conference...Read more

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Perdition Temple release title track from upcoming The Tempter’s Victorious

by Brett Stevens
September 15, 2014 –

Perdition Temple emerged from the ashes of Angelcorpse when guitarist Gene Palubicki established a new act to make the high-speed, texturally-encoded complex riff frenzy that made Angelcorpse so distinctive among the later death metal bands. Anticipating its upcoming album The Tempter’s Victorious, Perdition Temple today released a teaser video for the title track “The Tempter’s...Read more

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 09-14-14

by Staff
September 14, 2014 –

What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? You are mortal; your time is short. Listen to the best and death to the rest! We recognize that music quality is an objective measurement, where “taste” is more subjective. Taste however is easily fooled and leads you and the genre to a place of mediocrity. Thus we select the...Read more

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A brief retrospective of Slayer

by Staff
September 13, 2014 –

Slayer blasted their way into the underground metal scene in 1983. Metal had just shifted; the genre of Black Sabbath got taken over by the Led Zeppelin fans, resulting in glam and arena rock, and was just being taken back by a DIY movement via speed metal. Inspired by that speed metal movement, Slayer took...Read more

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Nothing Left – “Demo 1999″

by Brett Stevens
September 12, 2014 –

Way back in the halcyon days of 1999, Steve Cefala (Dawning, Pale Existence) joined forces with Mike Beams (Exhumed), Brian Glover (Bred For Slaughter, Pale Existence) and Jon Nedbal (Disembodiment, Bred For Slaughter) to make detuned high-volume death/doom metal. From those sessions emerged this 25 minute demo which owes as much to early grindcore as...Read more

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