Interview with Utvara of Zloslut

by Brett Stevens
December 28, 2014 –

Serbian black metal band Zloslut has created some of the more interesting music to emerge from the underground of late and stand on the verge of releasin their second album, U Transu Sa Nepoznatim Siluetama in spring 2015. Main composer Utvara took some time to talk with us about the upcoming album and future of...Read more

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Num Skull – Ritually Abused re-issue has fatal flaws

by Mac Brazel
December 27, 2014 –

The late 80s were an extremely volatile time for metal music. The speed metal movement that had started a handful of years prior was simultaneously peaking and sounding its death rattle. The noises coming from Europe and developing in New England were firing warning shots across the bow of metal as it had been known...Read more

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 12-27-14

by Brett Stevens

Nothing is less metal than accepting everyone and everything. Metal discriminates. Fundamentally, we recognize that most people have their head in their clouds and like craven mice prefer comforting illusions to even only moderately disturbing truths. In fact, over 90% of everything is simply disorganized garbage made by distracted mice. For this reason, we unleash...Read more

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Crucifyre – Black Magic Fire

by Brett Stevens
December 26, 2014 –

Late entries in the attempt to partake in the retro-Swedish death metal sound, Crucifyre comes with an impressive pedigree of B-level Swedish death metal bands contributing members to this new project. To realize this vision, they combined heavy metal verses with Sodom-style chanted choruses and melodic death metal touches using the Swedish death metal modified...Read more

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#metalgate reminder: SJWs tried banning metal in the USSR

by Brett Stevens
Bands the SJWs in the USSR tried to ban

Uproxx unearthed a list of bands that SJWs in the Soviet Union tried to ban for reasons such as nationalism, racism, neofascism, sex, eroticism and their favorite, “Anti-Soviet propaganda.” Included on this list were Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Nazareth, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Kiss. As we go through another round of political figures...Read more

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The Best Underground Metal of 2014

by Brett Stevens

William Burroughs often wrote about the “edge,” or the liminal threshold between states. The last real edge year for underground metal was 2009 when strong contenders and new voices united to defend extreme metal against the onslaught of imitators making Potemkin village metal from hipster flair and lite-jazz fireworks but underneath it, nothing but disorganized...Read more

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Atomic Aggressor – Sights of Suffering

by David Rosenberg

Calling a band “technical” — not to be confused with musicianship as popular circles frequently do — creates general indifference among those accustomed to seeing this term used as a selling point. The industry generally uses the term for bands that cannot compose meaningful songs and so encrust them in adornments of musical acrobatics, creating...Read more

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Merry Christmas

by Brett Stevens
December 25, 2014 –

While we may have our differences with religion, which seems to be the aggregate of human projection more than an honest interpretation of reality, Christmas is a time to enjoy with your family and listen to tons of death metal. Have a great one.Read more

Remains provide albums …Of Death and Angels Burned for download

by Brett Stevens

Mexican death metal band Remains have provided their first two releases, 2013 EP …Of Death and 2014 LP Angels Burned, for free download to fans. The band composes mid-paced death metal with atmosphere derived from the interplay of visceral and evocative riffs. The band added a simple statement: “Download for free…If you like it… BUY...Read more

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Satanic cult The Temple of THEM releases Oto Anorha issue #34

by Brett Stevens
December 23, 2014 –

The Australia-based Satanic cult The Temple of THEM has released the 34th issue of its publication, Oto Anorha, as a free download online. The publication comes out intermittently according to the whims of the organization, which maintains an informal presence on the internet on Facebook. Packed with illustrations, rites, scene reports and theory on the...Read more

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