Birth A.D. is looking for a new guitarist

by David Rosales
May 6, 2015 –

Texas crossover thrash unit BIRTH A.D. is looking for a permanent guitarist in the Austin/Central Texas area. They are currently signed to Unspeakable Axe Records and distributed by Dark Descent Records in the Americas, along with European label support through Metal Age Productions. Vocalist/guitarist Jeff Tandy released the following statement about the search: “All viable players will be considered. If...Read more

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Is Progressive Metal Progressive?

by Matthew Ward

I got thinking about this while reading through some of the stuff on The Gabriel Construct’s webpage. He said he wants to make progressive metal progressive again. After thinking about this, I realized that this really strikes a chord with me. It is probably one of the reasons I’ve felt so uninspired by the stuff...Read more

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Exhumation – Opus Death

by David Rosales
EXHUMATION - Opus Death - cover

When receiving descriptions of new releases from labels, one can read all sort of outrageous and preposterous claims on par with “the beginning of a new era in metal”, “unprecedented innovation”, “I’m tougher than Vladimir Putin” or “We went to Afghanistan to bring democracy to the people”. It wasn’t all that surprising, then, to read...Read more

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Obsolete – Riven

by David Rosales

“Why?” you ask. Why indeed. “Why is this on a website called”. Because to promote ideals, what must be avoided must also be examined. Obsolete gives us plenty of material to work with in this respect. It has the gimmicky over-emotional vocals and the string unrelated catchy and head-bob-inducing sections that would not be out...Read more

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Centinex releases Redeeming Filth

by David Rosales

2015’s Redeeming Filth, the successor to World Declension (2005), was recorded at Amplified Studios and mixed & mastered at Garageland Studios by Ronnie Björnström (Aeon) during the spring of 2014. Album cover has been created by Twilight 13 Media (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Darkthrone). Tracklist: 01. When Bodies Are Deformed 02. Moist Purple Skin 03. Death Glance 04....Read more

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Zealotry – The Charnel Expanse

by David Rosales
May 4, 2015 –

Boston’s Zealotry made a startling contribution to death metal in 2013 with their debut album The Charnel Expanse. Plodding, grim death metal inspired on the vague harmonic coloration of Immolation, the watery flow of tremolo-picked melodies of Adramelech and the syncopated off-feeling of Demilich. A non-explicit disciple of the abstract concepts underlying the strong and...Read more

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Centinex reveals “Moist Purple Skin” video and announce summer dates

by David Rosales

Centinex has revealed the music video for Moist Purple Skin, from their upcoming album titled Redeeming Filth. The band will perform a short string of selected dates this summer, including the following festivals: 12.06 2015 ROM – Bucharest – Metalhead Meeting Festival 26.06 2015 GER – Protzen – Protzen Open Air 10.07 2015 CZE – Trutnov –...Read more

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Classical String Quartets for the death metal fan, a first look

by David Rosales
circa 1800:  Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827), German composer, generally considered to be one of the greatest composers in the Western tradition.  (Photo by Henry Guttmann/Getty Images)shostakovich01

The purpose of this series is to present the death metal fan (and by extension, the death metal writer/artist/composer) with a look into great classical string quartets that evoke the same violent and stark atmosphere that is typical of death metal. The metal fan is encouraged to look beyond superficial parallels or differences so that he realizes how...Read more

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Carcass is a retro heavy metal act

by David Rosales

Carcass lead guitarist Bill Steer stated in an interview with Loud Magazine that he prefers to keep listening to older music as his taste does not include newer developments in metal. Here is the relevant quote from the interview: Q: Do you keep tabs on new developments within heavy music at all? A: No, not...Read more

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