Dark Quarterer’s Ithaca to be released on Vinyl LP Format in September

by David Rosales
May 22, 2015 –

The target date for the release of Ithaca has been set for September 19. The album was release April 25 on CD by Metal on Metal Records to much acclaim.  Mastered specifically for vinyl format, the release will include two exclusive 2010, live bonus tracks that were specifically chosen by the band for their quality and uniqueness....Read more

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Kronos to release next full-length in July

by David Rosales

Unique Leader Records confirms July 24th as the date French death metal band, Kronos, will release Arisen New Era. Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Potvin at Dome Studios (Lyzanxia, Arcania, Under The Abyss etc.) in Angers, France, the band’s latest album features nine tracks of technical death metal in the “brutal” vein adorned in the distinctive cover...Read more

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 05-21-2015

by Staff
May 21, 2015 –

In an age when anyone can pretend to be a musician it becomes paramount to have a guard at the gates, a slashing axe to cut the unworthy products of these confused minds in half. This bloodied instrument of justice is what the Sadistic Metal Reviews are. Cut away the dead weight of the metal...Read more

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Analyze it to Life: Yes – Close to the Edge

by Martin Jacobsen

  Ok, so, I was listening to the YES album Close to the Edge with my best friend Rick Ossian yesterday, and as is usually the case when we listen together, I started to contemplate its deeper meaning in a new way. In a 1996 interview, Jon Anderson mentions Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha as an inspiration...Read more

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Anal Vomit’s Peste Negra, Muerte Negra Out Now

by David Rosales

Peste Negra, Muetra Negra, the new album from  Anal Vomit, is out now on Gates of Hell Records, the new Cruz Del Sur Music sister label. Order the album on CD and vinyl formats at this location. The release comes after a nearly six-year period during which only a live EP and a compilation from the band were released.Anal Vomit...Read more

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Cryptopsy Kicks Off U.S. Tour

by David Rosales

Tech-death band Cryptopsy have kicked-off their “Back to the US 2015″ tour on April 14 in Worcester, Mass. Support on the tour will come from Disgorge, Erimha, Soreption and The Convalescence. The tour will see Cryptopsy premiere a song from their forthcoming EP, The Book of Suffering Tome 1.  Dates are as follows: 5/14 WORCESTER, MA @ RALPH’S...Read more

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Ascended Dead – The Advent

by David Rosales
ascended dead - the advent cover

Ascended Dead is a death metal band that intentionally keeps the production of their music lo-fi. Here, we may recognize two things. The first is the appeal to a sense of nostalgia that this sort of distorted tone may cause in fans of old underground metal. The second is that this choice is part of...Read more

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Khemis to release debut album in summer

by David Rosales

Denver’s doom metal band, Khemis, is set to release debut album, Absolution, this summer.  The band is said to sport a classic doom/heavy rock delivery that will appeal to “adamant fans of Pete Stahl and Wino”. Khemis’ sound is characterized by the dual, parallel-motion guitar harmonies and big, towering riffs typical of the most popular acts in the...Read more

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Sadistic Metal Reviews 05-20-2015

by Staff
May 20, 2015 –

Some albums ignite the listener’s imagination with visions of the different ways in which the would-be composers of atrocious musical attempts could be punished, not for their stupidity as they were just born that way, but for forcing it upon the rest of humanity.  This is what the Sadistic Metal Reviews are, symbolic impalement for...Read more

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Can We Judge Experimental Metal?

by Matthew Ward

I used to spend a lot of time plagued by the question of whether one can really judge experimental metal. At first glance, this may sound silly, because the tools of music criticism don’t disappear from a little experimentation. You can still ask how derivative it is; what the structure is; if the riffs are...Read more

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