Necrofun #1

malleus maleficarum cross trample


Dauphiné Witch Trials, 1428-47:

Johannes Cunalis had a book of necromancy [librum it nigromanda], and that when he who spoke opened this book at once there appeared to him three demons, one named Luxuriosus, another Superbus, and the third Avarus, [all of them] devils…

…during the night he adored that devil as a god, on bended knee, then turned his posterior toward the cast and made a cross on the ground, and spat on it three times, and trampled on it three times with his left foot, and urinated and defecated on it, and wherever he saw a cross he spat upon it and thrice denied God.

Likewise, at dawn be adored Superbus in the same way…

Likewise, he gave Superbus what was left over when he ate and drank, and to Luxuriosus he gave three or five pence on Holy Friday before Easter, and he committed both his bodily members and his soul after death. And these devils wanted him to deny that God whom they called an accursed prophet
[malediction propheiam], and when he adored those three demons as gods he turned his face toward the west and his posterior toward the east, saying what he said, and when he had his dealings with Luxuriosus the others laughed…

Likewise, he said and confessed that when he was passing through the roads and saw images of the Virgin Mary or a cross, he spat at them three times in despite of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and that on the feast of Saint John the Baptist he gathered certain herbs for medicine, as specified in the proceedings, and on bended knees he first adored them, then extracting them in the of his devils, and in despite of almighty God, the creator of all…


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