The Failure of Revival – Pt. I

DEATHEVOKATION – The Chalice of Ages

“Old-school death metal.” What do the claims of revival amount to in this case? A confused conglomeration of tried-and-true technique; everything but the kitchen sink that 1988 through 1993 made use of, plus the whole aesthetic, with none of the unifying spirit. Too many backward glances with no actual thought to show for it. Musically, this is the simple plod of Leprosy-era DEATH at its core, melodically and rhythmically — or is it the massive wall of early GRAVE? The doom-tinged meanderings of ASPHYX? Whatever the flavor, this fails to show even a hint of having learned something from the past, and is fundamentally BORING besides.

I forget — what is it they keep saying about not learning from the past?

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0 thoughts on “The Failure of Revival – Pt. I”

  1. dicon says:

    yeah.. I couldn’t listen more than 10 minutes of it.. lol

    hm.. could you make a post with a more complete list, like that ‘Introduce others to real death metal’, but about 30 or 40 albuns instead of 16? I like to analize some patterns in that kind of list, and yours is one of the best so far.. it would be interesting if you complete that 16 albuns with some more 14 or 24 albuns..

    thank you and keep the good job!


  2. deadgearhead says:

    You spelled “analyze” wrong.