Impaled Nazarene - Motörpenis


Review: This EP shows the band exploring its literal origins with covers of Gang Green, Terveet Kadet and Faff-Bey as well as two originals in an aggressive but boundingly energetic punk style. Songs are gruff, Motorheadish grinding music with softly melodic transitions which add emotional context to the transfer of raw kinesis imparted by these bouncing riffs, but overwhelmingly context sensu alienaiton. Amidst the rage and the resistance, this release expresses an emotional lust for the energy of life itself.


1. Motörpenis
2. Whore
3. S/M Party
4. Transvestite
5. Alkohol

Length: 8:22

Impaled Nazarene - Motörpenis: Black Metal 1996 Impaled Nazarene

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