Motörhead - Live, Loud and Lewd


Review: Overlooked by most metalheads because of its lack of conformity to genre metal standards, this live recording shows early Motorhead in the transition between their roadhouse rock first album and the aggressive punk-influenced metal of their later career. Without a studio backing them up, the band are stripped down for combat, with raw vocals and uptempo perspectives on their songs, sounding more like a metal band playing an icehouse gig on an off-night.


1. Watcher
2. Iron Horse/Born to Lose
3. On Parole
4. White Line Fever
5. Keep Us on the Road
6. Leaving Here
7. I'm Your Witchdoctor
8. Train Kept A Rollin'
9. City Kids
10. Motorhead
11. Iron Fist
12. Overkill

Length: 46:50

Motörhead - Live, Loud and Lewd: Heavy Metal 1998 Motörhead

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The performance is spectacular, including alternatingly bluesy and folksy solos from Fast Eddie Clarke (formerly of Fastway, which shows how in the right combinations musicians become brilliant who would otherwise be average), and has songs from "On Parole" and "Overkill." For those who like good music regardless of genre and aesthetics, or anyone who wants to see what more than Venom inspired the extremities of death/black metal, this album is an entry-priced offering that does not disappoint.