Pyrexia - Hatred Anger and Disgust


Review: Mixing a hardcore influence into their New York metal, Pyrexia aim for a more metalcore audience with three songs that fall short of the world-class work that Suffocation, the mentor to this band, routinely churned out.


1. Hatred, Anger and Disgust (4:14)
2. Bludgeoned by Deformity (4:16)
3. The enshrined (4:00)

Length: 12:32

Pyrexia - Hatred Anger and Disgust: Death Metal 1995 Pyrexia

Copyright © 1995 Pathos

Fast power chords with intense rhythmic emphasis, recursion on rhythm and development of rhythmic idea through a matrix of double bass drumming, fast snares, and heavy downstroke strumming propel simple themes of complementary halves which conclude in resolute churning.