Throne of Ahaz - On Twilight Enthroned


Review: Throne of Ahaz stand between the aggressive, sawing, simple black metal of Bathory or Venom and the melodic uberstyles of a Dissection or Gorgoroth. Their songs repeat simple patterns in layers to create an atmosphere which is then potientiated by the angstful major themes of each song, melodies riding the rhythm swell of each riff.


1. Fenris
2. The Forlorn
3. With Shadow Wings
4. On Twilight Enthroned
5. Where Veils of Grief Are Dancing Slow
6. Let Blood Paint The Ground
7. Blackthorn Crown
8. Black Sabbath

Length: 43:29

Throne of Ahaz - On Twilight Enthroned: Black Metal 1996 Throne of Ahaz

Copyright © 1996 No Fashion

Unlike their first release, most of this material is at high speed of both tremelo picking and techno-stylistic running percussion, and none of it is as strong as the work on "Nifelheim." Behind the whole the patented screech of black metal bands everywhere, done in the special intonations unique to Throne of Ahaz, blasts out lyrics which like the music seem to aspire to some current black metal standard aesthetic ideals (Dark Funeral, Ancient, Darkthrone). Individualism hides behind the originals in measured doses, but the listless cover of "Black Sabbath" adds little to the experience.