Overview of obscure Finnish death metal

June 29, 2011 –
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The arch-wizards over at DEATHMETAL.ORG summon forth an article covering the breadth of Finnish underground metal, and cap it off with a hour of music in a compilation of Finnish bands both well-known, and totally unknown.

We are proud to present a sequence of tracks collected by Fenno-American Death Metal connoisseur Benjamin Tianen in tribute to Finland and its strain of artists and conjurers. This compilation of obscure quality Finnish Death Metal is recommended for listening in the twilit hours of day, preferably in rather uninhabited locations as most of Finland is. If there is one teaching one must bring home from Finnish artists and Finnish school of mental exploration, it is that one must not love happiness as much as one loves truth.

Forgotten Death Cults from Finland: an Overview

Includes all the classics: Demigod, Abhorrence, Beherit, Adramelech, Sentenced, Cartilage, Belial, Necropsy, Unholy, Phlegethon, and more.

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  • brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death

    Some of the most brooding and deep metal one could hope to listen to. Sometimes I skip school, climb on my roof and get lost to some Depravity.

  • a lot of metal is bad

    Yeeeahh, there’s a reason Ensiferum and Finntroll are famous, and these bands aren’t. Sounds like angry high schoolers hitting pans and grunting.

  • Levy_Spearmen

    I came to the comments to find the nay-sayers. FUCK YOU! Hey, brutal slayer, think hard about dropping out if you’re in high school and joining the military. Do it early and you won’t have missed much.

  • fuck you

    Well-curated list. I’ve yet to delve into Finnish death metal (I’ve listen to Ascended and Demilich, but that’s it). Helpful.

  • yoyoyo

    Unholy is/was an awesome band. Very underrated in the wake of Skepticism and Thergothon, but I would say that they were just as influential to funeral doom.

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    @ a lot of metal is bad
    “Yeeeahh, there’s a reason Ensiferum and Finntroll are famous, and these bands aren’t. Sounds like angry high schoolers hitting pans and grunting.”

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