Anata – Under a Stone with No Inscription

There is so much to appreciate about this album, starting with its technicality, but most prominently extended to its sense of a notched lock between a good rhythm and a good melody. The problem is that this release is infected with the post-modern-metal fascination for the carnival music style of intense variation, which ends up creating a lack of narrative, which must be substituted with primitive means like repetition and hook, pushing these out of place. The result is listenable but too busy; it turns everything up to 11 and as a result, almost nothing stands out, and its careful inventiveness in riff and variation becomes textural background. However, like Neuraxis — to which it is a close relative — this is at least a listenable form of metalcore-influenced late death metal.

One thought on “Anata – Under a Stone with No Inscription”

  1. Hey this isn’t bad. Kinda gives me similar vibe as Adramelech in that the note choices and use of harmony are a little weird, but it’s not entirely otherworldly like Demilich.

    I used to listen to their 2006 album The Conducotr’s Departure in high school. Avoid that one — they upped the metalcore componet considerably.

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