Apostasy Releases The Sign of Darkness

Chilean speed metal trio Apostasy has released their new album The Sign of Darkness via Fallen Temple. After releasing two demos in the late eighties and early nineties, followed by a compilation in 2013, Apostasy started releasing demos in 2014. The new demos contain old and new material, with the album presenting the band’s fully developed voice.

This first release of the album is limited to 500 copies in CD format, and is priced at 10euro + 4,5 euro registered postage (Polska: 25zł). Those interested in Chile’s Apostasy’s energetic take on true speed metal may contact Fallen Temple to order at: fallentemple@gmail.com.

Fallen Temple have made two tracks off The Sign of Darkness available through their soundcloud page:

APOSTASY – Witching Fire

APOSTASY – Satan Ascends


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7 thoughts on “Apostasy Releases The Sign of Darkness

  1. Flying Kites says:

    Organically familiar and un-Gentile. Bravo!

    1. D.A.R.G. says:

      We’d love to read your comments on their raw rehearsal takes from 2017: https://apostasychile.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-rehearsal-demo-2017
      Send your writing over to editor@deathmetal.org

      1. Flying Kites says:

        Muscular and Large. Music created by Men for conquering the Fallen.

        The closest band I could describe it as, is Hellhammer. So that’s good.

    2. (((The Echo))) says:

      “un-Gentile” …what did he mean by this?

      1. Flying Kites says:

        No need to circumcise any aspects of living.

  2. Music Trve says:

    Satan ascends has bad drumming choice, right when the singing begins, it sounds like hardcore nu-metal trash. I like Apostasy, but that drumming just puts me down.

    1. Deathcaller says:

      Sounds like Dark angel to me

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