10 thoughts on “Are You Morbid? 11-05-11”

  1. Fine Young Catamite says:

    I can fit Mastodon’s first two albums inside my asshole.

  2. mathew says:

    will do

  3. Mastodon guy in heat...again. says:

    I want somebody to smear my asshole with hot butter and then slide his throbbing cock deep inside my innards. We can listen to Mastodon’s first two records just to get in the mood. Anybody willing?

  4. dear anus says:

    ANUS should review this hidden gem of death metal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwjEeI2SmiU

  5. MajesticWinter says:

    How often does this radio show go on? Are there going to be uploads for each one?

  6. the real dear anus guy@fake dear anus says:

    ill let you slide because i like the vid

  7. @fake dear anus guy says:

    that was cool

  8. sun metal guy says:

    no sun or solar metal? fuck off!

  9. Joseph Uberman Slayer of Proles says:

    What’s some good sun or solar metal guys? My mom won’t let me listen to black metal anymore…

  10. tiny midget says:

    I think Levy_Spearmen does not like me any more,,, anybody here knows why?

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