Are You Morbid? live archive 10-29-11

You probably missed the show tonight. That’s understandable — if you haven’t heard it already.

Click below to download the 107mb 128k mp3 capture from this week’s show.

Maybe next week, you’ll choose to tune in. Oldschool metal and dark ambient, with acerbic yet cosmic commentary.

Updated link.

0 thoughts on “Are You Morbid? live archive 10-29-11”

  1. literally an anusite says:

    @new anus main page post

    Heh, yeah, fuck all those liberals who care about something! I bet they’re hippies who smoke “dope”, right? It’s better to be an entitled white libertarian with creepy facial hair and no life.

  2. angry man who's always angry says:

    Upload the mp3 to your own server you cheapskates! I right-clicked on the link and downloaded a html file because I mistook for a professional website!

  3. Mastodon Guy @ angry man who's always angry says:

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  5. #OccupyANUS says:

    ANUS is leaking shit everywhere, it used to publish informative and affirming articles that made you think, now it only parrots rhetoric that basically amounts to “leftists are stoopid, the Republican Party will save us, Sarah Palin 2012!”

  6. Mastodon guy says:

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  7. Mastodon guy says:

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