0 thoughts on “Averse Sefira “Battle’s Clarion” 11-year anniversary”

  1. and my penis is slightly larger than your penis says:

    I like Averse Sefira but they really need to stop with the “pro-welfare” nonsense. I know they’re popular in Brazil but there’s no need for them to cater to third world residents. Just the suggestion that their fans have jobs they’re unhappy with is an invitation to ridicule.

  2. GOSH YOU GUYS says:

    I OWN BATTLE’S CLARION, GET OFF MY BACK! But seriously, Battle’s Clarion is a great album. I definitely think that Averse Sefira’s best are their last two, however. I wish it was easier to find a copy of Homecoming’s March. A proper CD reissue of Blasphomet Sin Abset would also be nice.

  3. because I'm unemployed says:

    I actually just bought this album- second hand.

  4. I bought the reissue of Battles Clarion sep last year. I have aspicburgurs. says:

    Homecoming’s March is clearly the album anniversary we should be celebrating, being their magnum opus.