Barbaric Softworks licenses Birth A.D. music for new video game

barbaric_softworks-blocks_of_explosive_dismembermentBarbaric Softworks has signed a licensing agreement with Austin, TX-based continuation thrash band Birth A.D. to use Birth A.D. songs in Barbaric Softworks’ newest title, Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment.

Unlike most video games, Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment has no winners. You just lose a little less, and survive a little longer. American and European ratings authorities will have a field day with this violent game notorious for its irreverent mockery of death, suffering and humanity’s pretense of individuality.

In a similar vein, Birth A.D. has rocked the house with mockery on its latest opus, I Blame You. Recalling the golden days of DRI and SOD, this band nonetheless forges on in a continuation of what those bands created and does not rehash the past like the retro bands who are so thoughtless that it is tempting to lace their Capri Sun with antifreeze.

The combination of Birth A.D. and Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment should thrill even the most dour metal fan with its high splatter and body count, and the corresponding middle finger to all values that society holds dear. The game is due out in a later quarter of 2013.

(To get the full effect, hit “play” on both videos at the same time.)

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6 thoughts on “Barbaric Softworks licenses Birth A.D. music for new video game”

  1. Anyone remember the Suffocation video game?

    Can the ideals of death metal or black metal be utilized successfully in a video game? I mean in a way beyond killing monsters inspired by Dan Seagrave covers, though that would be pretty awesome.

  2. We’re actually Barbaric Softworks, but close enough. Don’t worry; we’ll make a better trailer soon with more Birth A.D.!

    1. It’s right in the title, so that’s good.

  3. Nord says:

    Don’t think many seasoned hessians are into video games, but some kids are totally hooked on this shit so maybe the subconscious effects of Birth A.D. hammering away in the background would amount to something better for them one day.

  4. Fantom Warrion says:

    Hey Brett in 1987 a Thrash band that went by the name
    “Fantom Warior” released a pretty cool thrash record a la DRI that for some reason I am pretty sure you never heard of.
    heres a vid:

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