Black Lake fest

Black Lake Fest VI
3 Locations – 3 Weekends – 3 Headliner
The 6th Edition of Black Lake Fest will grow up and go with a different approach.
3 different locations, 3 different kind of black metal, 3 different dates.
3 headliners: Necros Christos, Lifelover, Dornenrech.
All in October. All in Lumbardia / Italy
Part 1
1st October, Carlito’s Way – Retorbido (PV)
Necros Christos + Mortuary Drape + Abysmal Grief + Black Oath + guests
Part 2
15th October, Shelter Live – Lipomo (CO)
Lifelover + Hypothermia + guest
Part 3
31st October, Decimo Secolo – Brescia (BS)
Dornenreich + Agrypnie + (EchO) + Sedna + guest
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