Black metal album titles illustrated like children’s books

These pictures were originally innocent illustrations for children’s books. They were drawn by well-known but now deceased Czech artist Helena Zmatlíková who illustrated numerous books for children.

At some time after that, they were creatively edited by a member of Umbrtka who also writes for Czech Maxim. The innocence drained away, replaced by the eternal darkness of the blackest of souls.

(Stolen from a topic on Nuclear War Now! forums.)










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10 thoughts on “Black metal album titles illustrated like children’s books”

  1. fallot says:

    The Darkthrone cover is inspired and so is Campo de Exterminio. Eaten Back to Life is another good one, I really would like to know what that was originally, looks freaky enough without the title!

    1. Dr Kiwisnatcher says:

      Cannibal Corpse

  2. Lord Mosher says:

    Ha ha ha! Anybody remembers this review? Seriously, is it that bad?
    Holocausto – Campo de Exterminio:
    “Do you remember those record players they made in the 1970s for playing Disney records? They were all plastic and had cartoon characters molded into them. This album belongs on one, because it’s kiddie music. It’s super-basic, not in a profoundly disturbing way like Discharge or Sarcofago, but more like a cross between old Sepultura and Anthrax.”

  3. Cykranosh says:

    I liked the Blizzard Beasts the most. The kids must be heading for it. Either a blizzard, an avalanche, or the blizzard beasts. With their sleigh.

    1. anime_witches says:

      Blizzard Beasts one is my favorite as well — but I interpreted it the complete opposite…

      The children are the blizzard beasts

  4. Jake says:

    This was the best thing I’ve seen all week. Thank you.

  5. Kingdomgone says:

    Lol that Cannibal Corpse got me. “Eaten back to life”, fuckin’ eh!

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