Black Sabbath return to their roots for new album

Black Sabbath‘s forthcoming album 13, to be released in June this year, will apparently be less heavy metal and more blues. Quoth mastermind Toni Iommi:

You can’t always repeat what you’ve done, you’ve just to go on… It’ll be today’s version of how it was 40 years ago.

The initiative, however, seems to come from producer Rick Rubin, who referred to the band’s début album and told the members to “keep it in mind” and play the music like a live gig, and according to Ozzy Osbourne, Rubin “didn’t want the songs to be verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle eight, bridge — he wanted it to flow”.

It seems then that we might expect a modern version of the dark atmosphere that deflected the hippie optimism of 1960s, as heard on the classic showcased below. This will be awesome.

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3 thoughts on “Black Sabbath return to their roots for new album”

  1. This will be interesting.

  2. Rob says:

    Black Sabbath are Gods, even with all the trials and tribulations and pointless things that the band members have done in the past (I’m mainly speaking of Ozzy) Speaking of Ozzy, I consider him the true lead singer of this band and no offense to Dio, but I don’t even acknowledge he was ever in the band. Black Sabbath is Ozzy and Iommi and Bill and Geezer.

    On that note, I’m really excited about this album. From what Mr. Iommi describes with them returning to their dark, bluesy roots, I see this not only being a new direction for the band but a new direction for heavy metal and produce numerous bands worshipping at the foot of Sabbath 40 plus years later. It could go either way; failure or success. Either way, sign me up.

  3. Bowing to trends, Black Sabbath make a stoner doom metal album because spoiled children of dysfunctional parents will steal their credit cards to buy it.

    They will then be amused proles for a week or two, and after that, will probably not remember the album at all except when they’re looking at it. If you really want to confuse them, give them bubblegum and insist they walk while they chew it.

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