9 thoughts on “Blood Demos Reissued On Vinyl”

  1. Disposition says:

    Vinyl is the end product of a release being worthy, demo is the starting point. Having the starting point hooked up to the end pipe is like shitting into one’s own mouth. FUCKING REVENUE-RAISING WAR METAL LABELS

  2. kl says:

    the cognitive dissonance of sucking bloods dicks and shitting on nwn vinyl releases

    1. S.C. says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s a miracle Daniel is even capable of even posting these articles.

  3. Trashchunk says:

    How about all that shit can fit on one CD? Just put the fucking CD out.

    1. bustin makes me feel good says:

      they probably will after the vinyl’s sales have peaked

      1. Trashchunk says:

        This is turning into a “thing” that is becoming detrimental to music collecting, Hirax’s speed metal demo was FINALLY reissued, but only on cassette (from headsplit), Vlad Tepes entire recorded output is being reissued, but only on cassette, Mourning Noise and Skrewdriver and Samhain are getting some good bootleg reissues, but only on cassette. Thanks for reissuing rare stuff on a format that degrades with time, I guess moving MORE units at $5 a pop is better than having them sit there for $8-10.

    2. Witchskinner says:

      I guess before anyone who is not familiar with the Demotapes and thinking of ordering them, he/she should check it out on youtube first. Those were demotapes, yes, they were not intended to be released on vinyl back then. I guess it´s a collectors thing and as such I think it`s nice to have, if you´re into the band.
      @Gorgowocoa: You are talking about the “O Agios pethane” release on vinyl?

  4. Gorgowocoa says:

    I have not washed the vinyl yet, but after playing it for the first time I was extremely disappointed with the audio quality. It sounded very distorted especially the closer it got to the center tracks. The singing on “Sodomize the weak” was distorted and redlining, I am not sure if this is because I haven’t cleaned it yet, but overall I would not recommend this if you are looking for great audio quality. Mine was numbered around 1000 so it isn’t like it was the stampers wearing out either. I will see if cleaning it helps, but I have doubts.

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