Botswana metal

While Botswana is perhaps best known for its wildlife reserves, a burgeoning counter-culture is painting a very different image of the small south African country.

Clad in leather, adorned in spikes and topped off with cowboy hats, these are Botswana’s heavy metal heads.

CNN got up close to the hardcore rockers and discovered a passionate retro scene proudly celebrating its African heritage. – CNN

Glad to see mainstream metal coverage as metal expands to another continent! There’s an older article on Vice.

5 thoughts on “Botswana metal”

  1. Charles says:

    I’m surprised at how awesome I think this is. Metal is alive.

    I listened through some Skinflint songs and although it’s very 80’s Heavy Metal, it’s passionate stuff.

  2. I like that people in Botswana have a subculture devoted to metal, but I hate how this immediately gets used for liberal agendas. If these were some white kids in Germany with a unique scene nobody in the media would give a fuck so who’s the real racist?

    1. sonofevil says:

      Happened in the 80s. Is old now. Is new in botswana.

    2. tasty Pete says:

      I think you’ll find the white kids in Germany might be gently mocked by other white people. Poking gentle fun at people of your own race isn’t racism.

  3. Nerd says:

    Guy looks like he stepped out of the Fallout pc game series. Just saying.

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