Brutality 3CD box

“Brutality – The Demos”

Florida death metal legends BRUTALITY returns with a beautiful collection of all their demos, unreleased material and bonus DVD! One of the pioneers of Tampa death metal scene, Brutality signed to Nuclear Blast and over the course of its career released three full length of pure and uncontaminated death metal that gained them worldwide fame.

Area Death Productions (ADP) has now released a collection box of 3 CDs including the monster-rare ABOMINATION demo (the first incarnation of the band, and one of those demos always mentioned by everybody but never heard by anyone), some DARKNESS demo recordings (the name under which the band called itself shortly, for the first time unearthed and delivered to the public), all of the official demos from BRUTALITY, their 2003 unreleased demo, and some rare outtakes, rehearsals and unreleased songs. All enriched by a DVD featuring footage from 1991 to 1996, musically the apex of the band’s career, and A2 size poster.


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  1. this site used to be the most hated metal site in the world back in the day remember? says:

    iF THey are SO great then why the FUCk did SR Prozak never reviewed them on this site at all? EVVER???

    its clear that morons took control of the Anus site and incidentally lowered the quality of the posts and articles almost immediately.

    You can tell because Prozak’s articles used to create an infuriated reaction against the Anus site, while nowadays people just give a fuck of laugh at these new posters.

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