Burzum – Fallen

January 30, 2011 –
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With luck, you can hear the samples above, and draw your own conclusions. Mine are: Varg correctly understands the new black metal audience, which is to say he recognizes that they cannot tell the difference between three random droning chords and well-composed music. So he’s cashing in, because he just got out of jail and needs some way to pay for himself and his future. Unfortunately, in doing so, he has done something very stupid, which is let a highly visible minority (black metal fans) speak for his entire potential audience (all who like good music) and by doing so, he has let his bitterness obliterate his talent and instead of making a series of quality albums that will sell for decades, he has pumped out the droning crap and now has ruined the Burzum name and will find that people ignore this stuff after another few years. Short-term thinking at work. Sorry to hear life is so bad for you, Varg. Maybe you should reconsider who you consider your friends.

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  • Parasite

    I dont know if i agree with the “cashing in” statement because i dont know a soul who listens to this type of black metal.

    Burzum for me is resting in peace, his early works are encoded in fond memories of travelling(Norway being one of the countries). I wouldnt late his recent music ruin my opinion of the old when listening to them now.

  • Andrew

    Why do you think so highly of the man? Either he’s making art, or he’s just intentionally getting his deserved money from ripping off retards. All the black metal musicians of the early nineties just got lucky, maybe Varg is not so different (after all, he did do all of his great composing in that most fertile time period for the genre). They made a leap of faith and landed somewhere profound, yet without their youthful naivete and the obscurity of making outsider art in a world without internet, stumbling upon the same level of genius appears to be impossible. Unfortunately, Varg is not the hero that the “scene” is searching for.

    Although maybe the album in its entirety will be a very different experience than these samples suggest…

  • Jake

    “Unfortunately, Varg is not the hero that the “scene” is searching for.”

    True, I think there’s a tendency of people to make this man into some godlike figure when he’s actually just a dude who made some sweet music at a certain point in time. People really are searching for a hero, I guess.

  • lol@u

    Burzum has always been garbage. ALWAYS. You are just nostalgic for your angry kiddie music you heard when you were 15 and act all stupefied when shit like this comes out, when it’s always been shit. You point to some line in quality between the old and new releases which does not exist. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss isn’t well composed, it’s a three chord song.

  • sdasd

    Oh boy, decontextualized riffs. Take that, Varg…?

    The point of metal is how the riffs relate to each other emotionally. Picking some out that you don’t like and jumbling them together doesn’t really prove anything.

    The fact is, if you had an internet blog in ’94, you’d be saying the same thing about Hvis Lyset Tar Oss. Certainly a lot of dumb kids find a savior in Varg, who’s just another guy who had a creative peak like anyone, but vilifying him over internet drama (yeah, everyone knows what this is about) isn’t much better.

  • B. Asvo

    Evidently, there’s a distinct lack of nihilism on the record, not to mention that it was composed post 1995 thus rendering it bloated solipsist mess which lacks true neo-Romantic stylings and a nihilistic nihilisms so prominently featured in the early nihilistic nihil nihilism.

  • arflfl

    and furthermore, this album is not reminiscent of early R.E.M. because songs do not create a sparse harmonic structure and then regulate its emotional balance with layers of vocal and guitar variations on a circular pattern of simple themes.

  • PBR

    lol@u thinks Modest Mouse is the epitome of excellence in music; I suppose compared to such titans Hvis Lyset Tar Oss really does pale in comparison.

  • MS

    The new Burzum is total lifestyle worship!!!

    Great with walking the dog, driving the kids to soccer practice, flossing your teeth, or even just a movie night with the family!

    TOTAL FUCKING SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brbrb

    “CAN“T WAIT TO GET THE DIE HAR…….oh woops, looks like my wife is calling me….”

    This, but unironically. problem virgins?

  • Prozak

    … and furthermore, where there was once rejection of the *PFFFT* “INDIVIDUAL” and celebration of conformit–I mean, all-encompassingness and the warrior spirit, there is now an EMO influence and METALCORE compositional style. Just compare these tremolo riffs the the old tremolo riffs! Talk about a FAIL. And additionally…

    you know what, fuck it, if you still wanna be buds, Varg, gimme a ring, ok? Please?

  • analdeathfaggit

    Burzum is overpraised to begin with, old material included. Whining about how fucked up the world is does not constitute art of the highest order, not even close, and Burzum’s music hardly does anything besides this. The world is fucked, let me go into my fantasy instead: omgz, it’s defeatism and escapism, but don’t let the anus guys know – Hvis lyset tar oss is the #1 BM album, top of them all! While Belus and this shit are certainly hitting a new low, no one should be surprised; Burzum was not GREAT to begin with, a stepping stone at best and hipster fodder at worst.

  • @analdeathfaggit

    More proof that “hipster” is just a meaningless stock phrase metalheads use to deride anything that goes out of fashion.

    “Burzum released a new album, therefore they suck” – what anus fans want to say.

  • Cold Breath of Real Life

    It’s pretty clear that while earlier Burzum was also simple music, it was better music than this. People want to complain about ANUS pointing out the obvious, but then again, these are the same idiots who think all music is “equally valid.”

  • 1stdegreemindfuck

    ahahahaha … "maybe you should reconsider who you consider your friends" – still hurt over the burzum.com vs. .org stuff, huh ??? this phrase unfortunately shows that even really bright individuals like yourself can feel butthurt over minor things… and somehow an unconscious desire to influence someone like Varg, who lives life as a creator, whilst you are more of an observing, critical spirit.
    anyways, I’m pretty full of psycho-analitical bullshit, wouldn’t you say? gotta love the internet and freedom of speech … ;) I’ve ignored BM for long, but even to a profane one like me it’s obvious that new Burzum has definitely lost the awe-inspiring qualities of the early albums… still, you shouldn’t judge a whole record from just a few samples; What would have happened if we had that stupid samples songs for the first albums?

  • FAGS

    Uhh, pretty sure the people listening to this won’t be “hipsters”, who never heard of and don’t give a fuck about Burzum, but the usual virginal preteen metalfaggots making up the overwhelming majority of the black metal fanbase. So yeah, no need to get alarmed, aspies. Varg is a scumbag and a moron anyway, his life should have ended 18 years ago. What he did is more or less comparable to torching the Alamo.

    Also, metalcore compositional style? What the fuck are you smoking, there are breakdowns on this? And Modest Mouse is hella gay but still leagues better than Burzdumb.

  • Cold Breath of Real Life

    Varg’s “friends” always give him direction. They talked him into being more Nazi than was good for him, then urged him toward the ill-conceived escape, and finally, have managed his personal affairs for him. Now they’re subjecting him to lots of Slavic black metal and he’s imitating it. The result is well below what he is known for. Everyone loses.

  • The Master

    Yeah, Varg always was a poser, doing what he was told by the people around him to appease them. Without Euronymous’s influence he would probably have been making house music instead of black metal.

  • gish

    1st burzum album has the song “the crying orc” —
    early blackened emo…. varg was so ahead of the curve

  • T.G.

    Obviously anus.com only disapproves of this album for ideological reasons. I mean, people just liking or disliking music because they purely like or dislike it? Nah, what kind of fucking retard does that? Also, everyone who doesn’t like what I like is a virgin fag, because taste in music is THAT FUCKING IMPORTANT!

  • Levy_Spearmen

    I think we should all enjoy the screams of their virgin women as we plunder that ripe ancestral gold.

  • A Gojira Fan

    Please Anus guys stop vandalizing and trolling the guestbook on the Gojira website you´ve gone too far! STOP IT ALREADY OK?

  • The Master

    lol @ implying anyone who listens to Gojira cares about an influx of greasy 14 year olds with ill-fitting oversized Burzum t-shirts as loose as their assholes. I admit one of them was funny though, the guy who implied that Burzum, Celtic Frost, Batlord etc. are bands worth listening to, that was a pretty good one.

  • greasy 14 year old with ill-fitting oversized Burzum t-shirt as loose as my asshole

    who the fuck isn’t greasy when they’re 14? and maybe they hope to grow into said oversized shirt.

    eat a dick, brah.

  • PBR

    I’m pretty sure that anyone who hangs around the Gojira website already has an asshole loose enough to comfortably fit a couple 12 packs of Pabst blue ribbon. The pot calling the kettle black?

  • Thierry


  • trendies

    it´s becoming a trend now to leave nasty comments on Gojira´s guestbook. people from over 14 countries had posted hate comments after this article was posted!! guitarist even “threatened” users that he would close the guestbook. what does that tell you? ha ha

  • Maxime Verhagen

    Good ideas; probably well executed before by bands I don’t listen to. Guitar still rustles my jimmies.

  • Juba

    “who the fuck isn’t greasy when they’re 14? and maybe they hope to grow into said oversized shirt.”

    Yup, there’s no question in my mind that the greasy 14 year olds wearing Burzum shirts of yesterday are the greasy, obese 20something virgins wearing Burzum shirts of tomorrow.