Cenobite mythos black metal band No God Only Pain prepares to unleash Joy of Suffering


Inspired by the mythos created by Clive Barker in his Hellraiser movies, Northern California black metal band No God Only Pain have recorded an EP of Cenobite-hailing songs to see release this May. Composed of experienced musicians with wide backgrounds in metal, No God Only Pain attempts to add more of an emotional component to a black metal scene which has either stumbled into indie-emo “emotion” or relapsed into naked mole rat style constant aggressive grating noise.

The two leaked tracks, “Human Stagnation” and “Joy of Suffering,” reflect a dark worldview translated into the metaphor of the Cenobites, metaphysical entities who exist to torment weak-souled humans who are foolish enough to open an innocent-looking puzzle box named the Lament Configuration. Recent polls indicate that if the Cenobites were running in 2016, at least 65% of Republicans and 45% of Democrats would vote for them. No God Only Pain have played one show in their native San Jose but look to branch out into new areas and are seeking a label to release future recordings.

No God On Pain’s music can be described as atmospheric black metal of a primitive nature, such that its moods emerge from abrasive primal riffing instead of the finer textures of sounds which explicitly resemble atmospheres. Instead, dark sensations emerge from grinding simple riffs and the elemental conflicts they unleash.

John Dough – Guitars
Tromme Slager – Drums
Vier Saiten – Bass/Vocals



For more information, stay in touch with No God Only Pain using its Facebook page:

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4 thoughts on “Cenobite mythos black metal band No God Only Pain prepares to unleash Joy of Suffering


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  2. Robert says:

    I like the first track, not the second. The second track sounds amateurish compared to the first.

  3. Weltmacht says:

    These guys seem all right. Reminds me a bit of Ohtar or Selbstmord. Interesting theme for a band also, kind of cool to see something other than Lovecraft and Tolkien in terms of literary references.

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